5 most popular school Wall Art themes

BLOG 18 AUG 2020

Here we share our top 5 most requested school Wall Art themes.

School Wall Art can improve pupil wellbeing, inspire learning and invoke natural curiosity. It can also breathe new life into dull or disinteresting corridors. With 20 years’ experience in education, we’ve worked with hundreds of schools to transform their learning environment. We know that students learn best when they’re engaged, excited and interested in the subject matter. So we create artwork that grabs pupils’ attention and makes it impossible for them to ignore it!

All of the school Wall Art themes we design are bespoke. So this means we can tailor the designs to each school’s unique needs, budget, objectives, preferences and available space. From History timelines to timeless literary classics, here are the current most popular themes to consider for your next school improvement project.

1. History timelines

Drapers Marylands historical educational themed wall art school stairwell makeovers

History timelines are hands down one of our most popular school Wall Art themes. We can focus a timeline on any school subject you choose. Some schools request Science and Maths timelines, while others focus more broadly on combined school subject timelines. Whatever you choose, a timeline can turn your school’s walls into a world of wonder!

You can fill your corridors and hallways with History timelines. A timeline can begin in the earliest days and end with present events that will become part of future curriculums and nods to the past. For example, recently many schools have asked us to include the Covid-19 pandemic on their History timelines. And this is the beauty of bespoke design; we can include anything within your Wall Art. Your designs can even feature your school’s branding, colours, logo and tone of voice.

Often, schools request History timelines to transform their stairwell walls as these provide the perfect space to showcase the chronology of events. But History timelines can work well almost anywhere in your school. We’ve also designed timelines for school halls, corridors and communal areas. History timelines are a wonderful learning aid for students. And the content can complement your school curriculum too.

Some of our favourite History timelines include an extra large feature wall for Churchfields Junior School and a beautiful stairwell design for St Matthew’s CofE Primary School.

2. Maps

Maps are one of our most commonly requested school Wall Art themes. They’re highly immersive by design and can inspire a natural interest in the world, whilst simultaneously serving as a learning aid for pupils.

A map design works best on a large, landscape wall as this allows us to show the scale of continents and countries across the world. We love to add colour, striking images and awe-inspiring landmarks to bring maps to life. Some schools have also asked us to showcase flags from countries around the world too. And this helps pupils recognise and remember the symbols and colours that constitute each.

St Michael Catholic Primary School Surrey School World Map Wall Art and Facts Wall

3. Literacy themes

There are many ways to inspire a natural love of reading in pupils of all ages. And a beautiful mural on the walls of your corridors, classrooms or library is a powerful one. That’s why literacy themes are among our most requested school Wall Art themes.

There are a number of reasons why literacy themes are so popular:

School literacy wall art

4. School values

Your school values help build character, stimulate learning and boost morale. In fact, they represent your very essence as a school. And they set the standard for the attitudes and behaviours that all students and staff need to develop in order to thrive within your learning environment.

School values are one of the most popular school Wall Art themes we design for clients. You can showcase your school values pretty much anywhere within your school. Perhaps you might like to showcase your values in your school hall, to remind pupils of what’s expected of them. Or, you could create a school values mural in your reception area to welcome visitors. You can even use the exterior walls of your school building to present your school values to anyone who passes your school.

School Values Wall Art

5. Inspiration and motivation

We’ve talked before about how sharing inspirational quotes with students can help create a positive learning environment. To this point, many schools ask us to feature motivational sayings and inspirational quotes within their school Wall Art themes to promote high aspirations and self-belief.

For example, a Science timeline may include quotes from pioneers in the field of Science, possibly including traditional heroes like Thomas Edison alongside contemporary innovators like Professor Joanna Doudna. These images are highly aspirational for students! We may also feature images of astronauts, Scientists and well known innovators in technology. This can expand pupils’ horizons and motivate them to persevere with their studies, armed with the knowledge of how far it could take them in the future!

The Forest School Science corridor Wall Art

Wall Art for your school

If you’re keen to learn more about popular school Wall Art styles, take a look at our Case Studies section. Here you can see a broad overview of our work and how we take popular themes and bring them to life. We offer a free site visit to your school to discuss your objectives and give suggestions on how to maximise your available space. To book a site visit or find out more, get in touch.



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