Ravenswood Primary School reading zone
Ravenswood School literature themed reading zone wall art
Ravenswood inspiring reading with library zone wall art

We designed a school reading zone for Ravenswood Primary School.

The objective was to create an inspiring school reading zone with a fun and positive atmosphere. We were keen to celebrate characters and concepts from children’s stories and learning themes. And in turn this would inspire pupils to build a natural love of reading.

We also included quotes about reading to prompt discussions and stimulate learning. We used a muted colour palette and some beautiful, dreamy images to create a calm space for pupils.


Ravenswood School inspiring literature themed library wall art
Ravenswood school bespoke large format library zone wall art

Fuel imaginations

Primary School aged children are dreamers at heart. And we wanted to capture their imaginations on the walls of the school. Plus, we know that imagination in children is vital to successful learning.

So we designed imagery with a dreamy, whimsical feel. For example, we featured unicorns, castles, clocks and stars – all popular children’s themes. So children can get lost within the design and allow their imaginations to run wild!


Ravenswood inspiring reading with bespoke library wall art

Bespoke design

Our talented in-house team created the Wall Art for this school reading zone from scratch.

The beauty of bespoke design is that it can be crafted to each school’s unique preferences. Every detail, right down to the colours we use, fonts and imagery can be tailored to the school. We design Wall Art across numerous themes and styles. And we find that reading is a particularly popular theme for Primary Schools.

Ravenswood School library zone large format wall art
School uses bespoke wall art designs for library zone
Ravenswood School large format library wall art

Childhood dreams

We had so much fun creating this world of fantasy on the school’s walls. The space is now an ideal school reading zone for pupils to relax in and enjoy.

We made sure our designs complemented the natural features of the space. And now the designs look as though they’ve always been there!

To find out more about Wall Art for schools or how to create a school reading zone, get in touch! All designs are bespoke and we will manage the entire process for you, from design through to print and installation.

Ravenswood School library zone bespoke large format wall art
Ravenswood School library zone literature themed wall art
Ravenswood inspirational literature quote for library zone wall art
Ravenswood bespoke school design library zone wall art
Ravenswood School unicorn graphic for reading zone wall art