Edison School Science Timeline Wall Art

Edison school science timeline wall art
Edison school science timeline wall art
Edison School Science timeline bespoke corridor wall art

This Science Timeline Wall Art is one of our favourite projects!

We designed Science Timeline Wall Art for Edison Primary School in West London. The design has proved to be one of our most memorable and popular school Wall Art projects. We have since designed countless more Science themed Wall Art projects for schools across the UK, Europe and beyond.

Let’s explore what makes this Science Timeline Wall Art project so special…

Edison school science timeline wall art
Edison School Albert Einstein science timeline corridor wall art

Bring Science to life

Science Timeline Wall Art is a wonderful way to bring the magic of Science to life. For this particular project, we focused on some of the greatest minds in the field of Science, from Marie Curie to Thomas Edison. And, we showed the progression of Scientific developments in a chronological timeline on the walls of Edison Primary School.

For students, this Science Timeline Wall Art serves as more than a mere visual delight. In fact, a subject themed design like this one can support teachers’ lessons in the classroom. So in this way, the Wall Art is a learning aid for students.

Edison School James Watson feature inspiring corridor Wall Art

The lightbulb moment

Wall Art is very visual, so pupils will be drawn to the design out of natural curiosity. Because they’ll see it every day as they make their way between lessons, they’ll grow more familiar with the content. And, because it’s so visual and tangible, they’ll memorise the names and dates without even realising they’re learning!

In this way, our Wall Art can help complement your curriculum and inspire learning.

Wall Art for your school

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