Saint Michael Catholic Primary School Values Feature Wall

St Michaels Primary School Values Wall Art
St Michaels Primary School Values Wall Art
Image of vibrant and bespoke school hall wall art featuring school values

We designed a School Values Feature Wall for St Michael Catholic Primary School in Surrey.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to provide a positive learning environment for pupils and staff. This School Values Feature Wall has transformed the school hall into an inspiring and uplifting space.

In fact, sharing your school’s values during times of uncertainty can give comfort to students as they face major changes and an entirely new way of learning.

Vibrant wall art image from recent school wall art installation
St Michaels school hall wall art

Inspire learning

A School Values Feature Wall is a wonderful way to inspire learning. It can provide a reference point to students that reminds them of what they’re aspiring to and what they should aim to achieve.

Your school values also play a part in providing a sense of community and belonging to students. This is particularly important in times of change and uncertainty.

All school types

This particular Wall Art design for St Michael works perfectly for a Primary School. It’s colourful, engaging and fun, despite the serious message that sits behind it.

We design Wall Art with each school type in mind. For example, we tend to focus on fun, nurturing images for younger years, especially when dealing with literacy themes, attainment and wellbeing.

For older children, we’ll use aspirational images of people, places, nature and even motivational quotes to appeal to their attitudes and mindsets. The same applies to your objectives. We’ll work with you closely to understand exactly what you’re looking to achieve. Then, we’ll create a design brief that illustrates how we can use Wall Art to bring your objectives to life.

Tailored to you

The beauty of bespoke Wall Art is that it’s tailored to your specific requirements. No two schools are the same, so we design every School Values Wall Art feature to be unique to each school.

Because our designs are bespoke, there’s no limit to what we can achieve on the walls of your school. If you have an idea or a vision of what you’d like on your walls, share it with us and we’ll bring it to life!

We’ve over 20 years’ experience in education and design. So we’re confident we’ll create artwork that will exceed expectations and delight everyone who sees it.

Get in touch to find out more visit our Case Studies section to see examples of our work.

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Whitfield Aspen School values wall art

Whitfield Aspen School Values Wall Art

We designed this Values Wall Art to celebrate the school’s vision and inspire pupils to make the most of their time at school. The Wall Art is bright, inspiring and exciting! We aligned the colour scheme to the school’s branding and colours so that it provides a sense of unity and familiarity for pupils.

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