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BLOG 23 MAR 2024

world theatre day school wall art

27th March is World Theatre Day

Initiated back in 1962 by the International Theatre Institute, World Theatre Day is a chance to celebrate the life-changing impact of theatre on people around the world. Come the 27th March, not only theatres, but schools and particularly drama teachers will be promoting the performance arts – from theatre and plays to musicals – for the huge enjoyment they bring to young people.

But there’s so much more to theatre than enjoyment alone. Alongside the arts in general, theatre has major benefits for all-round development and a clear knock-on effect when it comes to academic achievement and future success.

“Children thrive in schools where the arts are at the heart of a broad and balanced curriculum. Children who study the arts do better; they are more likely to attend university, and are more employable”
CLA, 2017

Theatre for all (at least it should be)

world theatre day school wall art

Unfortunately, the arts have historically been marginalised in schools. Often considered ‘soft subjects’, they have received less recognition than academic subjects. As a result, these subjects often rely on teachers providing extra-curricular bolt-ons to engange pupils and have therefore full access can be limited to a minority of children rather than all.

At Promote Your School, we believe that theatre is a critical aspect of whole child education. Not only for budding thespians who dream of working in drama; theatre has many powerful benefits for all students – from building confidence and improving wellbeing to inspiring creativity and raising learning outcomes.

We’re passionate about helping schools raise awareness of theatre and the arts through the school environment, so that every child is able to reap the awards these rich and varied subjects provide.

How can Wall Art promote theatre? Let us count the ways

world theatre day school wall art

While traditionally World Theatre Day is celebrated just one day a year, our larger-than-life, striking Wall Art means the theatre – and all the arts – can be enjoyed every day, by every child, simply by walking down the corridors of their school.

Our bespoke Theatre-inspired Wall Art doesn’t just bring previously boring walls alive; it also:

• Promotes specific or all genres of the arts to compliment a school’s curriculum

• Engages and motivates students, while informing and educating

• Creates an inspiring, joyful environment, leading to increased wellbeing

In recognition of all the benefits theatre and the arts have on children, we’re delighted that an ever-increasing number of schools are investing in their arts and performance spaces to create positive, inclusive environments for self-expression. And we’re incredibly proud that many schools have requested Wall Art by Promote Your School to set the scene, educate and encourage pupils to take part in arts-based endeavours.

To celebrate World Theatre Day, here are a few of our Theatre-inspired Wall Art projects – each bespoke design has been created with the school’s individual aims and benefits in mind…

Theatre Wall Art for wellbeing

world theatre day school wall art

At Promote Your School, we believe that one of the most important benefits of theatre in education is the powerful effect it has on children’s wellbeing. From enabling self-expression through exploring different emotions via role playing, to building confidence by speaking in front of others in a fun and supportive environment.

“Participating in the arts can enable people to deal with a wide range of mental ill-health conditions and psychological distress. The best part is that it helps people to improve their mental health through creativity.”
Mental Health Foundation

So we were delighted that Ash Manor School invested in Theatre Wall Art by Promote Your School. Using vibrant images and famous quotes from some of the most popular theatre shows to bring the space to life, pupils are greeted by a stunning visual design when they arrive at the school theatre. Whatever stresses or worries they may have, they’ll enjoy a sense of escapism when they enter this beautiful space for self-expression, and it’s sure to inspire an active interest and participation in the school’s range of performing arts.

Theatre Wall Art for improved learning

world theatre day school wall art

Theatre in education can provide myriad benefits when it comes to learning. Plays can act as an entertaining history lesson for both the actors and the audience, providing links from one era to another. Of course, there’s a lot to remember as a performer – from learning lines of dialogue to choreography. Not only can theatre improve children’s memory, but it’s been shown to enhance their reading abilities, too.

We loved creating this gorgeous drama lobby for Sedgehill Academy. Designed as a timeline, the design showcases the evolution of performing arts and theatre from the earliest recorded times to present day. We carefully selected facts, figures and famous faces to represent each era perfectly. These visual prompts are a powerful tool when it comes to children’s learning and understanding of history, the arts and chronology.

Theatre Wall Art for inspiring creativity

world theatre day school wall art

Theatre in education is a brilliant way to encourage children to embrace their creative side, whilst also nurturing an enduring love and appreciation for the arts in all its forms. Students may even be inspired to make their career in the arts – from performing and directing, to set designing and script writing, there are all kinds of avenues theatre can lead to.

“An arts education enriches and complements the core subjects, raising achievement rates across all subjects as well as improving wellbeing and enriching the school day.” 
Arts Awards

Beautiful, visual Wall Art is a wonderful resource to engage learners in any subject. But we’re particularly fond of projects that celebrate the arts and performance, like this stunning drama department at Wheelers Lane Technology College.

The college invests in a rich array of methods and resources to engage and inspire students, so we happily obliged when they asked us to create a striking and immersive space for creativity and expression. And the end result is a visual feast that showcases some of the most well-known and memorable theatre shows from throughout the years. Sure to inspire students now and for years to come.

Theatre Wall Art for your school

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts”
‘As You Like It’, William Shakespeare.

We loved creating these theatre-inspired Wall Arts, but they’re just a tiny snapshot of the larger-than-life murals we can create. Promote Your School is a creative design agency that specialises in working with educational establishments. Our creative and educational background means we are experts in helping you promote the arts through Wall Art. If you like what you see, and would like to enquire about Theatre-inspired Wall Art – or any theme or subject – for your school, get in touch!

You can also email us on or call +44 (0) 20 7404 3400.

Our service includes design, print and installation. We also have an extensive portfolio of case studies to inspire you on your next project…

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