Woodford County High School For Girls – Chemistry feature wall
Woodford Bespoke Periodic table detailed school Wall Art
Woodford High for girls Chemistry feature wall Art

This Chemistry feature wall has transformed the space!

We designed the Chemistry feature wall for Woodford County High School for Girls in London. We have worked with Woodford County High School a number of times. So it was great to revisit the school and install some beautiful Wall Art to add to their existing projects.

Only 6% of the engineering workforce is made up of females. So it’s wonderful to see the school taking an active approach and encouraging girls to develop an interest in the field of Science.

Woodford County High Biology feature wall art
Woodford High Chemistry subject themed feature wall art

Picture perfect

When designing this Chemistry feature wall we focused on using rich imagery to bring the feature to life. Luckily, Chemistry is such a diverse and interesting subject that we were spoilt for choice when choosing images for our design!

This design had a very strong academic appeal. So we needed to maintain a key eye and get every single detail right – there was no room for error. We showcased an enormous periodic table on the school’s walls. This is great for effect and also serves as a memorable learning aid for students.

Woodford High for Girls large format chemistry feature wall art

Vibrant colour

This Chemistry feature wall is bursting with colour and interest. And we wanted to give the design a very tangible effect, so students will be drawn to it naturally.

Best of all, the design has brought to life a previously uninteresting wall. Students can now enjoy a glimpse into the world of Chemistry as they make their way between lessons.


Woodford high bespoke design of periodic table feature wall art
Woodford High intricate chemistry feature wall school wall art

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