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BLOG 07 SEP 2020

escapism wall art

Escapism Wall Art for Schools can provide pupils with a much needed break from reality.

Why is Escapism Wall Art effective? Well, picture this…

It’s a dull, rainy Monday morning. Your pupils are travelling to school whilst glued to their mobile phones. No morning chatter, nothing much to look at and zero inspiration. By the time they arrive at school, their energy is low and their enthusiasm for learning is non-existent. And your job of engaging their minds and uplifting their spirits is harder than ever.

But then, they walk up the school stairwell and spot landmarks from around the world. Or wander alongside some of their sports heroes, famous faces and literary classics. As they make their way through your corridors, they’re flanked by life sized murals and incredible images. These depict Historical figures, jaw dropping discoveries or the wonders of space and technology. Finally, they take their seat in your classroom, greeted by motivational quotes and inspirational images.

Almost instantly, they’ve been transported from a mundane Monday to a world of wonder!

Here we’ll discuss how Escapism Wall Art can create a positive mindset for learning, stimulate discussion and invoke curiosity.

Inspiration and motivation

St Edmund's inspirational large format corridor wall art

Motivational quotes are a wonderful way to make the most of escapism Wall Art. A few carefully chosen words, set against a beautiful backdrop, can uplift spirits and set the scene for positive learning.

Remember that some students may not benefit from motivation and support from their families at home. But your school environment can provide a positive learning environment that will do wonders for their self esteem and confidence.  Using motivational quotes in Escapism Wall Art can raise aspirations and remind pupils of their potential.

You can choose a theme for your motivational quotes, such as school subjects, sports heroes, historical figures or philosophers. Or, you might choose to mix genres and pick out particular quotes that you know will resonate with your students and uplift their spirits.

In fact, the benefit of bespoke Escapism Wall Art is that there is no limit to the possibilities of what we can design for you. Simply share your vision and we’ll bring it to life!

Back in time

History themed Wall Art within your school is a great way to transport students back in time.

The imagery is key here – escapism is achieved through the use of images that feel relevant and realistic but a little out of the ordinary. Consider larger than life Greek Gods and Roman Emperors. Or, transport your pupils way back to the dinosaur era and allow them to wander alongside these magnificent creatures as they walk through your school corridors!

Using History themes in your Wall Art is a great way to help students familiarise themselves with key events and dates from the past. So, in addition to providing some much needed escapism from reality, History themed Wall Art can serve as a valuable learning aid too.

Lee Chapel School large format dinosaur corridor wrap around wall art

Exploration and adventure

Children and adults alike share a fascination with space and the wonders that extend beyond our planet. So many schools request space themed designs for their Wall Art. Space works well for escapism too – it encourages students to explore, not just the world around them, but also the wider galaxy outside of the world they know. Space themes can tie in nicely to your Science curriculum, focusing on the relevant facts and figures that pupils will learn about in their lessons.

Some schools even use their stairwells to showcase the wonders of space – taking students on an inter-galactic adventure as they make their way up and down the stairs each day. Underwater themes are also a superb way to encourage a spirit of exploration and adventure for students. Nature and underwater themes are not only great for facilitating escapism, they’re also proven to improve pupil wellbeing. So you can use Escapism Wall Art to achieve a myriad of objectives!

space theme wall art

The future and technology

It’s great to encourage pupils to look to the future for inspiration on what might be possible outside of their current reality. Many schools ask us to focus on technology and innovation within their Wall Art designs. The future works well for Escapism Wall Art too. It gives students the sense that we are all learning and evolving constantly, working towards something even better than what we know today!

Looking to the future can be a powerful motivator for students. It can remind them of why it’s important to apply themselves now; so that they can create opportunities to secure a bright and prosperous future.

Hazelwood wall art for independent schools

Want to know more?

If you’d like to find out more about Wall Art for Schools, do get in touch! You can view more of our work in our Case Studies section. or you can request a free site visit where we’ll discuss your objectives and how Wall Art can help you achieve them.

Browse our online Ideas Book for more Wall Art inspiration and ideas.

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school motivational quote wall art

Motivational quotes for students

Motivational quotes for students can boost morale, improve wellbeing and encourage a growth mindset. Many of our Wall Art projects feature motivational quotes for students. These phrases are proven to lift spirits, raise aspirations and unite the school community.

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