Howard Junior School Immersive STEM Corridor

PYS HowardJunior Jaf
PYS HowardJunior Jaf

This Immersive STEM corridor has transformed the walls of Howard Junior School!

The Immersive STEM corridor was part of a project at Howard Junior School focused on enhancing their visual environment. And Howard Junior School has a reputation for providing immersive learning experiences for pupils. For this reason, Global tech giant, Apple, has recognised the school as a ‘Distinguished School’.

In fact, we’ve previously published a case study about their inspiring work to engage and enthuse pupils. So this Wall Art feature was just one of many initiatives the school has undertaken to provide a positive learning environment for students.

Wall Art for schools

At Promote Your School, we have over 20 years’ experience in education and design. We take pride in the quality of our design, durability of materials and longevity of our beautiful Wall Art. And we were delighted to work with Howard Junior School on this exciting project!


PYS HowardJunior Jaf

Immersive STEM corridor

Howard Junior School has invested in STEM themed Wall Art to complement their diverse curriculum and stimulate a natural love of learning. The school holds regular events to get students excited about Science and Technology. For example, their Dr Who themed day, designed to promote a love of technology.

Wall Art is an effective way to inspire learning because it’s highly visual by nature. And these days, young people are so accustomed to visual stimuli, from online gaming to social media. So a visual feature like this immersive STEM corridor is guaranteed to capture their attention.

Inspire learning

There are certainly many ways to encourage pupils to take an active interest in their school subjects. But some children may approach subjects like Science and Maths with trepidation or disinterest. So the key is to engage them and inspire a nature curiosity for these subjects. By using your walls to bring your curriculum to life, you’ll transform your visual environment and inspire learning!


PYS HowardJunior Jaf
PYS HowardJunior Jaf
Immersive window vinyl art

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If you’d like to find out about Wall Art for your School, do get in touch! We can provide a free site visit to your school. In this session, we’ll discuss your objectives and help you determine how to use Wall Art to achieve them.

You can view more examples of our work in the Case Studies section of our website. Or watch this video to learn more about us and what we do!

PYS HowardJunior Jaf
PYS HowardJunior Jaf
Howard Junior School Stephen Hawking quote
Howard Junior School Einstein quote
Corridor Wraps Immersive Themes STEM Subject Zones


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