St Edmund’s Girl’s School – inspirational school corridors
St Edmund's Girls inspirational bespoke corridor wall art
St Edmund's Girls school english subject zone corridor Wall Art

Awe and wonder abound in these inspirational school corridors.

We loved transforming the walls of St Edmund’s Girls’ School in Salisbury. Find out how we worked with the school to create inspirational school corridors for students, staff and visitors.

And how we combined beautiful imagery and colour with motivational quotes to create a truly uplifting effect.

St Edmund's Girls English subject inspirational corridor Wall Art

St Edmund's girls school inspirational wall art

St Edmund's girls school subject zones corridor wall art

Motivating students through design

The distance between your dreams and reality is action“. This powerful quote was made famous by the Brazilian footballer, Pele. And it features prominently in the inspirational school corridors at St Edmund’s Girls’ School. We were also keen to capture the idea of thinking big, dreaming and exploring the world. So we designed a large world map in hues of blue and green. This certainly gives the design an earthy feel and creates an air of excitement and adventure.

The adventure continues

Inspirational school corridors are designed bespoke to each individual school. For example, the school can shape their design, quotes and tone of voice to their branding, ethos and school values. And we loved working with St Edmund’s Girls’ School to bring their school corridors to life!

Our stunning Wall Art is also built to last as we print on durable, premium materials that are ideal for busy school environments. We’re also used to installing during holidays and over the weekend to minimise disruption to the school day.


St Edmund's inspirational feature corridor wall art
St Edmund's inspirational large format corridor wall art
St Edmund's Girls inspirational corridors wall art
St Edmund's Girl's English Literature inspirational corridor wall art

Inspire curiosity

Bespoke Wall Art can do wonders for the walls of your school. It’s also ideal if you’re keen to inspire curiosity and encourage pupils to explore the world around them. We make sure our designs are really immersive. And they need to have a focus on learning too.

If you’re keen to find out about Wall Art for your school, do get in touch. You can view more of our work on the Case Studies page too.