Torquay Academy Wall Art for underwater atrium
Torquay Academy immersive underwater theme atrium wall art
Torquay Academy Devon underwater themed bespoke corridor wall art

We designed Academy Wall Art for Torquay Academy, a non-selective, mixed 11-18 school in Devon.

The school’s ethos is based upon mutual trust, where everyone’s opinions and values are heard and respected. With a diverse and stimulating curriculum, Torquay Academy offers a well-rounded education for all its students.

Torquay Academy aquatic bespoke graphic design corridor wall art

Torquay Academy aquatic themed bespoke atrium wall art

Torquay Academy bespoke underwater themed design and installation wall art

How to design Academy Wall Art

The school approached us to design some stunning bespoke school Academy Wall Art for their Science department. The school was keen to create an inspiring visual environment that would complement their school values and curriculum. With a keen interest in Science, nature and wildlife, they decided upon a thrilling underwater theme, which we were very excited to bring to life.

A key aspect of the Wall Art we design for schools is that it is highly immersive. More than mere images on a wall, our beautiful school murals are a feast for the senses. We cover the entire length and breadth of the wall, making sure that our design blends seamlessly into any existing architecture or natural features of the building.

Bringing the sea to a school

We’ve designed a number of underwater themed school murals in our time. This particular theme works well because it creates an air of escapism within the room it occupies. It’s popular with students, staff and parents alike. Enormous sea creatures, from whales to giant sea turtles can transform a wall into a world of wonder!

Torquay Academy underwater theme reception bespoke wall art
Torquay Academy aquatic themed large format immersive wall art
Devon Torquay Academy underwater theme bespoke installation wall art

Devon Torquay Academy underwater theme large format wall art

Devon Torquay Academy deep sea themed welcome area wall art

Diving in

The end result of our efforts is beautiful Academy Wall Art that captures the attention of anyone who seas…er, sees it! We’re delighted that our beautiful school Wall Art features within the Principal’s blog too;

“I take great pride in the inspirational space we provide for our students.  Over the summer we added an underwater scene to the wall of our Science Department.  The students (as well as me) love it!”  Mr S R Margetts, Principal at Torquay Academy

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