Woodford County High School For Girls – Physics Wall Art
woodford county physics feature wall
The solar system and physics school corridor feature Wall Art

Woodford County High School for Girls has been transformed by beautiful Physics Wall Art.

This award-winning high school in London supports young women as they grow into independent, confident and competent adults. Their investment in Physics Wall Art will inspire learning, invoke natural curiosity and create interest in the field of Physics!

Woodford High Solar System fact sheet feature school Wall Art
Woodford Physics solar system infographic school corridor Wall Art

Woodford High for Girls Physics bespoke infographic Wall Art

Woodford Girls Bespoke physics themed school Wall Art

Woodford Girls physics feature school Wall Art

Woodford Girls Planets and Solar system themed school Wall Art

Physics Wall Art for schools

At Woodford County High School for Girls, pupils are encouraged to take an interest in all areas of the curriculum. There is a particular focus on STEM subjects. With this in mind, the school asked us to design Physics Wall Art for their school corridor. 

We visited the school to discuss their objectives. We also took a look at the space they had in mind for their school Physics Wall Art. A large white wall provided the perfect backdrop for bespoke Physics Wall Art. We also gave a nod to some of the famous faces within the field of Science. For example; Dame Susan Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who discovered the first pulsar 51 years ago.

Get girls into STEM

We were delighted to support the school on this important project. It’s no secret that there is a severe lack of women in STEM jobs. In fact, between 2017 and 2018, only 39% of students studying physical sciences in higher education were female. (source: here)

According to Girlsintostem, “recent research has revealed that 93% of parents would not support their daughter to pursue a career in engineering. However when asked what subjects they enjoy at school, 39% of girls said they enjoy Information Technology, Computing and Design & Technology. So this research shows there is a clear interest in STEM areas. But this doesn’t translate to the number of females entering the engineering industry.”

Bringing the school’s walls to life®

We’re thrilled with the final result of this school Physics Wall Art project and the positive feedback we received from the school. Beautiful bespoke design has brought the school’s walls to life and transformed a previously uninteresting white wall within a school corridor into a visual delight.

If you’d like to find out about bespoke Wall Art for your school, do get in touch. We offer no-obligation, on-site and remote consultations free of charge. Our entire design process can be conducted remotely and we’ll arrange installation at a time that suits you, to minimise disruption to your school day. 

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