Why every day should be World Book Day

BLOG 22 MAR 2021

Wellington school library wall art

World Book Day is a brilliant initiative to create awareness about the value of reading.

But, as educators, you’ll already know that literacy is a gift for life. So we’d like to challenge schools to do all they can to encourage a love of reading, every day.

Here we’ll share some tips on how to do that, with examples of schools who have used their walls to celebrate the joy of reading.

Why reading matters

Ernest Hemingway very accurately said, “There is no friend as loyal as a book“.

Books can fuel the imagination, enable escapism, support learning and boost morale. They can give comfort and company to combat loneliness, and inspire people of all ages to dream.

Within the pages of a book, anything is possible!

And although World Book Day 2021 has come and gone, there’s no reason why we can’t continue celebrating the lifechanging potential of books all year long.

Lee Chapel Literacy School wall art


What books mean to us

At Promote Your School, we’ve worked closely with hundreds of schools who have used their walls to celebrate reading.

It’s incredible to get feedback from teachers and pupils at these schools on the impact of having a safe, visually appealing space that’s dedicated to books.

Literacy themed Wall Art is just one piece of the puzzle; these reading spaces, libraries and book corners usually offer comfortable soft furnishings, vibrant colours and a huge array of books to entice pupils to spend time there.

The entire visual environment is key to encouraging reading for pleasure, not just academic progress.

Age appropriate design

Of course, reading is suitable for children of all ages. But the type of literature that appeals to children changes as they get older.

For EYFS pupils, we tend to create Wall Art themes of fantasy and imagination. Whilst older children thrive on exciting book titles, inspiring quotes and action-packed images.

It’s vital to ensure children are presented with age appropriate reading material if you wish to capture the magic of World Book Day, every day.

Lee Chapel School Robinson Crusoe novel literature themed wall art

Reading themes in action

A few examples of schools we’ve worked with to create beautiful reading spaces include;

Wellington Primary School Library 

Ravenswood Primary School reading zone

Lee Chapel Year 5 literacy corridor

Summer Fields School Harry Potter themed dormitory

Ryedean Community Primary School literacy corridor

Spoilt for choice

Our children are as diverse as they are interesting.

Books are a wonderful tool to celebrate diversity and provide aspirational role models for pupils. It’s really key to offer a wide selection of books, featuring children of all backgrounds and abilities. In this way, they’ll be more likely to find characters that really resonate with them.

For example, are your setbooks inclusive?

And do you offer plentiful reading opportunities for children of all abilities and interests?

Books are certainly effective for stimulating conversation and debates among students.

One of the most powerful aspects of World Book Day is that it often introduces us to new titles, or raises awareness of emerging authors.

Whilst there will always be a place for the classics, it’s also important to shake things up sometimes! So make sure you provide reading opportunities to students that challenge the status quo.

literacy theme wall art


Literacy themed Wall Art

If you’d like to find out more about how to use your walls to encourage a love of reading, contact us!

We can provide a Covid-safe site visit to your school, free of charge. During this visit, we’ll discuss your goals and review your available space. We can make suggestions and give advice about how to maximise your space and budget.

For more inspiration, visit our Case Studies section or view the online Ideas Book.

Ideas Book




Awareness days


world theatre day school wall art

Celebrate World Theatre Day… every day

27th March is World Theatre Day Initiated back in 1962 by the International Theatre Institute, World Theatre Day is a chance to celebrate the life-changing impact of theatre on people around the world.

Get a free on-site consultation

We’ll visit your school to understand your goals, explain our process and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

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