Summer Fields – Dormitory Wall Art
Summer Fields Dorms
Summer Fields Dorms

We designed dormitory Wall Art for Summer Fields School in Oxford.

We’re particularly proud that the dormitory Wall Art contributed to Summer Fields being ‘highly commended’ at the BSA Awards in 2021.

Find out how we worked with this wonderful school to transform their boarding house.

Summer Fields Dorms

Dormitory Wall Art

What makes this design so unique? Well, for a start it includes articles written by the pupils and teachers at Summer Fields School! The newspaper articles perfectly complement the Harry Potter themed designs.

And the overall effect is a feeling of home-from-home for students.


Summer Fields Dorms
Summer Fields Dorms
Summer Fields dorm art for independent schools

Immersive design

Wall Art is a truly immersive medium that can transform your school’s visual environment. Because our designs are bespoke, we can create absolutely anything you can imagine.

This Harry Potter theme is one of our favourite projects. And we’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the school about its impact on pupils.

More about Wall Art

Dormitory Wall Art is just one example of the kind of projects we complete for schools. In fact, we tailor all designs to the school’s unique preferences. For some schools, the focus is on learning, so they might want their designs to reflect their curriculum. For other schools there may be a focus on a particular school subject, or a mix of subjects.

Sometimes schools want to showcase their school values or motto. Whatever you have in mind, we can bring it to life!

Get in touch

If you’d like to find out about Wall Art for your school, do get in touch!

We can show you more examples of our work, or even put you in touch with other schools we’ve worked with so you can get first-hand feedback.

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