St Edmund’s Girl’s School Historical Timeline Wall Art
St Edmund's Girls History subject timeline corridor wall art
St Edmund's Girls School History themed corridor wall art

Historical Timeline Wall Art brings school walls to life.

Historical Timeline Wall Art has transformed the walls of St Edmund’s Girls’ School in Salisbury. The team had seen some examples of timelines we had designed for other schools. So they were keen to implement a similar approach on their own school walls. 

St Edmund's Girls School Bespoke history themed timeline wall art

St Edmund's Girls School Bespoke history themed timeline wall art

St Edmund's Girls School Bespoke history themed timeline wall art

History timeline school Wall Art

“The aim of the Historian is, like an artist, to enlarge our picture of the world” – James Joll.

As all of our school Wall Art is bespoke, we took inspiration from other projects. Then we created an entirely new, one of a kind design for St Edmund’s Girls. And we focused on key events throughout History. For example, we used images to highlight particularly noteworthy dates within the timeline. 

Chronology of Historical events

The lengthy school corridor was ideally suited for Historical Timeline Wall Art. The space allowed us to show the chronology of events over a wide timeframe, which we knew would support students in understanding when events took place in relation to each other. In this way, the timeline Wall Art complements the school curriculum and helps give context to pupils’ lessons.

Some memorable quotes add to the power of the design. David McCullough’s quote “History is who we are and why we are the way we are” is an apt addition to the timeline and takes pride of place within the timeline!

History timeline Wall Art for schools illustrates to students why it’s so fundamental to learn about the past. Students can see, visually, that key events from previous generations have led us to where we are today. Pupils can also start to understand how what we experience today will be used as inspiration by future generations.

Visual inspiration

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