Bring your school’s walls to life – our design process

BLOG 02 JAN 2020


Bring your school's walls to life

Ever wondered about the design process that bring your school’s walls to life? Here we share the secrets of our design process. So you’ll know exactly what to expect when you choose to work with Promote Your School.

Use bespoke designed Wall Art (also known as school murals) to help communicate your school’s visions and values, impress visitors, inspire learning and add a wow factor to your school.

Your Wall Art includes a bespoke design service. This ensures you achieve the exact result you want and can communicate the message that’s right for you.

Our design process ensures you are 100% happy with the final result. It also gives you the tools you need to get agreement from all stakeholders.

1. Initial consultation

A consultant will get in touch to discuss your objectives for Wall Art within your school. This can happen remotely or face-to-face. You’ll be able to see the materials we can print on and where they can be applied. We’ll request or take photos and measure up the areas you are considering covering. This helps us provide you with an accurate quote.

You may only be doing research at this stage and may not be quite ready to purchase. That’s fine, we fully understand! And we are still more than happy to visit and help you make an informed decision.

2. Design proposal and quote

We will send you a quote for the areas discussed and, where appropriate, a written design proposal.

We will apply blank panels to the photos to illustrate the areas we plan to cover to help you explain the proposal to stakeholders in your school. This is a critical part of our design process.

We are happy to discuss the proposal with you and make adjustments where necessary.

3. Great news, you want to proceed!

Once the quote is approved and an order placed we’ll book the project into the design studio. The design process usually takes around 4-6 weeks, but can be done quicker depending on the exact specification of your project.

We will also book in a convenient time for a member of our experienced installation team to visit your school to do a detailed site survey, double checking all measurements and placement of fixtures and fittings. Approved artwork will be set up to these accurate measurements for printing. The installer will also advise you on any preparation work that might be needed before installation day. 

4. Onto the fun creative bit…

Our designers will now be fully briefed and will create stunning design options for you.

The difference between the design options will vary depending on the design brief. Some schools want to see completely different styles, some are quite decided on what they want already and just need to see variations, we can work to your needs.

5. The part where you tell us how great the designs are…

As confident as we are that you will be impressed by the first round of design options you receive, we fully expect to get feedback from you and make some amends.

We want to ensure you are 100% happy with the final design, so we offer unlimited design amends within your original design brief, which means that you can feedback as much and as often as you like. As a general rule of thumb, designs tend to be around 85% complete at first draft stage. They’ll then undergo 2-3 rounds of minor revisions before they are approved for installation.

Once you have received your designs feel free to ask questions and give us your feedback on your preferred design route.

6. Design approval

Once you are happy that the designs are exactly as you want them, we will ask you to approve the final proofs for printing. This is usually between 1-2 weeks before the installation date which we will have booked in with you.

7. And up on the walls they go

After the design process is complete, our team of experienced installers will visit your school to install your bespoke Wall Art. We can install at weekends and holidays without the children around. Schools generally prefer this. It also adds to the wow factor when everyone returns back to school to see their school’s walls have been brought to life!


We hope this helps you understand the process.

Ready to bring your school’s walls to life? If you have any questions or would like a consultant to visit you at your school please contact or call 020 7404 3400


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