Abbots Hall Primary Academy Stairwell Timeline Wall Art

Abbots Hall timeline wall art
Abbots Hall timeline wall art
Abbots Hall timeline wall art
Abbots Hall timeline wall art

We designed a History timeline for Abbots Hall Primary Academy.

At Abbots Hall Primary Academy all children are academically, socially and emotionally prepared for life beyond school. The curriculum gives pupils the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

With this in mind, the school approached Promote Your School to help inspire learning. Specifically, they wanted to transform their stairwells with a History timeline. The timeline would promote active learning and help pupils absorb and retain knowledge.

We were delighted to work closely with this inspiring school and bring their walls to life.

Inspire learning

This History timeline serves as a visual learning aid for all pupils. It’s vibrant and colourful – packed with interest to spark curiosity.

The goal is to motivate pupils to seek knowledge and engage in this core subject. We created a compelling design to track the course of History. It begins at the start of recorded time and travels up the stairwell to bring pupils to recent Historical events.

Timelines are also useful for helping pupils understand chronology. Children can see how, when and why events took place in relation to each other. This is especially effective at exam time when pupils can easily recall the images they’ve seen in their school timeline.

Teachers at Abbots Hall Primary Academy can use their new timeline to spark discussion and promote active learning outside the classroom.

Abbots Hall timeline wall art
Abbots Hall timeline wall art
Abbots Hall timeline wall art
Abbots Hall timeline wall art

Visual transformation

Timelines are a popular type of Wall Art for schools. They appeal to all sorts of learners, including visual learners and those with SEN.

We created this design bespoke to the school’s requirements. Our experienced installation team then worked closely with the school to install the final artwork on their walls. Our bespoke Wall Art is designed to last many years, so will offer a significant return on investment.

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