5 Inspiring Reading Spaces in Schools

BLOG 18 JUN 2024

inspiring reading spaces wall art

Did you know that you don’t need a school library to get pupils reading?

In fact, many schools we work with use other areas of their buildings to create inspiring reading spaces. These spaces promote literacy and encourage reading for pleasure.

Your corridors, stairwells, classrooms and communal areas provide the perfect wall space. Use them to spark curiosity, promote literacy and get pupils reading!

Here are some of our favourite inspiring reading spaces in schools;

Book spines – an immersive visual library

Wall Art that features book spines has become increasingly popular of late. Schools tell us they favour this style because of its immersive nature. It also facilitates independent learning.

Pupils can walk alongside a carefully curated visual library, and consider which books appeal to them most. They can then seek out those books independently. So they can enjoy the magic of reading in their own time.

When we design Book Spine Wall Art, we always include lots of visual objects alongside the books. For example; relevant images of characters and concepts, quotes and interesting backdrops. This sparks curiosity, so pupils are naturally drawn to the wall and want to find out more.

Because we design all Wall Art bespoke, we’re able to tailor the book selection to each school’s preferences. This includes age ranges, curriculum setbooks, the school’s objectives and personal favourites chosen by pupils and teachers.

And, as we work with schools around the world, we can also translate book titles into the language of each country. This design for Raha International School in Abu Dhabi is a great example.

inspiring reading spaces wall art

Magical moments from much loved texts

Many schools ask us to create feature walls that bring carefully chosen books to life. We’re able to reflect the storylines and essence of each story through use of images and words on the walls.

Our specialist designers carefully craft each scene. These can include animals, key people, landmarks or settings in the chosen, must-read books.

We can combine these to create an awe-inspiring feature that helps pupils escape the ordinary. Literacy feature walls transport pupils to key scenes in classic books. This prompts discussion and reflection as they consider the things, people and places in each story.

Many schools say that featuring popular books on their walls fuels pupils’ imaginations. It also builds vocabulary in even the youngest readers.

inspiring reading spaces wall art

Worlds away

We aim to ignite imaginations, fuel creativity and create conversation when we design inspiring reading spaces in schools. Pupils can lose themselves in magical worlds and made up places on the walls of their school. Then, they can discuss these with peers. Or, they can write about them in their own stories.

For younger readers, we tend to create fantasy worlds. For example; castles, fairy lands and enchanted woods. Whilst older readers respond to beautiful landscapes, nature-themed designs and emotive backdrops.

Featuring these fictional worlds on your school’s walls will instantly transport pupils to another place. They’ll be free from the stresses of school life. So they can immerse themselves in a calm space that’s ideal for reading and reflection.

This escapism is good for mental health and wellbeing. And, happier, healthier children achieve better learning outcomes. So it can indirectly benefit your pupils’ academic success too!

inspiring reading spaces wall art

Open books – endless imagination

Open book designs instantly create inspiring reading spaces in schools. As if flicking through the pages of a book, pupils can see intriguing objects and characters literally flying off the pages!

Open books are one of our favourite design styles for two reasons;

  1. They require very little space to create a big effect – a single wall space will work
  2. We can feature objects chosen by pupils and staff, so the design is unique and personal

Memorable quotes also work well in an open book design. Quotes will inspire pupils to harness the life-changing magic of reading. They might even inspire a new generation of future authors!

inspiring reading spaces wall art

English literature, literacy and learning

Often, when we create literacy Wall Art for Secondary Schools, their primary goal is to complement the curriculum.

Secondary Schools are keen to inspire reading for pleasure too of course! But a key ambition is to help pupils learn and retain relevant information that will help them at exam time.

The most popular literacy based Wall Art designs for Secondary Schools include;

Timelines that track the evolution of English literacy through the ages. Timelines promote active learning, and help pupils retain information. They also teach pupils about chronology, critical thinking and the relativity of events.

Feature walls work well in classrooms and subject areas. We often feature famous faces, quotes, book titles on step faces and relevant imagery from setbooks and classic titles.

Welcome walls show pupils that they’re in the correct department. They also get pupils in the right mindset. So they’re ready to learn when they reach the classroom. Welcome walls can also include built-in signage, with subject headings and directional arrows within the designs. This is particularly helpful for SEN pupils and visual learners.

inspiring reading spaces wall art

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Motivational quotes for students

Motivational quotes for students can boost morale, improve wellbeing and encourage a growth mindset. Many of our Wall Art projects feature motivational quotes for students. These phrases are proven to lift spirits, raise aspirations and unite the school community.

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