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BLOG 11 MAY 2021

Lordswood Sixth Form Centre vibrant atrium installation wall art

There are many benefits of Sixth Form College Wall Art.

Sixth Form College Wall Art can help you attract students, create a sense of community and improve attainment.

In this blog, we’ll explore how to use your walls to build a dedicated space for Sixth Formers. And we’ll discuss how Wall Art can help make yours the college of choice for young adults.

Attract top talent

Thanks to Covid, many students now have to choose their Sixth Form College virtually. And it can be daunting to make this decision without having seen any colleges in the flesh.

So, many of our clients have asked us to design bespoke Sixth Form College Wall Art for them. They’ve used this Wall Art as a backdrop for open day videos, and included photos of their designs within promotional materials too.

Why? Because Wall Art can communicate what makes your college special at a glance.

So, instead of telling students about your ethos, sense of community and unique offering, you can show them! We suggest using striking images, cool colours and powerful quotes that showcase your unique culture and values.

Stanmore College Inspirational large format wall art

Create a sense of community

For many school students, moving to Sixth Form is a rite of passage. No longer children, these young adults have a newfound desire to be treated as such and for independence.

You can use your college’s walls to create a dedicated space for Sixth Formers. In this way, you’ll separate this area from the rest of the school. It’ll also become a space that students will aspire to move towards, a reward for years of hard work and maturation!

Sixth Form College Wall Art can also help you create a sense of community for students. We suggest featuring famous faces or aspirational images that students can relate to. For example; sports people, political leaders and revolutionary figures.

Improve attainment

Of course, whilst the social and community elements of Sixth Form are important, it’s vital that students do well academically too.

Dedicated Wall Art that’s based on your curriculum can serve as visual learning aids for students. Visual learning aids can improve outcomes by 400%! So it’s worth considering using your walls to focus on certain subjects or tricky aspects that students need to remember.

When it comes to exam time, students may remember the name of that elusive element on the periodic table, or conjure up a quote about Einstein’s greatest discoveries!

Beyond Sixth Form

Some Sixth Forms feature Wall Art that’s focused on the next step of a young adult’s life.

For example, you might showcase successful alumni who have gone on to achieve great things. Or you could feature images of career opportunities, further education or apprenticeships that students may consider.

This can serve as a strong reminder of why Sixth Form is such a crucial step within one’s education, and why it pays to work hard and stay focused.

Brampton Sixth form Science walls corridor wall art

Find out more about Wall Art

At Promote Your School, we design bespoke Wall Art for schools, colleges and universities. We have over twenty years’ experience, so are well placed to guide you through our design process. Although we’re based in the UK, we work with clients all over the world.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you achieve your goals through Wall Art. You can also see more examples of our work in the Case Studies section of the website.



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