Plumcroft Primary Reception Area Wall Art
Plumcroft reception area school wall art
Plumcroft reception area school wall art

We designed Reception Area Wall Art for Plumcroft Primary School.

This Reception Area Wall Art provides a warm welcome to visitors, teachers and pupils. To achieve this, the school opted for a stunning skyline theme, which we designed bespoke to their requirements.

So the end result is a burst of colour and creates a very welcoming area for anyone who visits this wonderful school!

Plumcroft reception area school wall art

Reception Area Wall Art

The school’s values are ‘Kindness, Equality, Creativity, Determination and Courage’. And these values are celebrated in the reception area of Plumcroft Primary School. We were certainly proud to use these values as a base for the school’s bespoke Wall Art design.

In fact, many schools opt to share and celebrate their school values within their Wall Art. This works particularly well in Reception Area Wall Art because it sets the tone for the day and reminds pupils of what’s expected of them.

Learning mindset

The Reception Area presents a colourful and welcoming environment for those who attend or work at the school. And the school name is proudly emblazoned across wall, flanked by vibrant colours and images.

So the end result is a striking backdrop for the Reception Area that gets students in a learning mindset for the day! It has an impact on visitors to the school too. For example, Ofsted visitors or prospective teachers will get a sense of the school environment the moment they arrive at the Reception Area.

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