Davison CE High School for Girls Science Timeline Wall Art

Davison high science timeline wall art
Davison high science timeline wall art
Davison high science timeline wall art

We created a science timeline for Davison CE High School.

Davison CE High School provides its students with the very best opportunities to flourish throughout life. Davison is an all girls school. It promotes forward thinking, innovation and independence in every student.

We aimed to inspire personal achievement when we designed Science Wall Art for the school. A timeline has transformed the corridors and the goal is to inspire learning and spark curiosity. The vibrant timeline tracks the historic development of science through the ages.

Davison high science timeline wall art

Science history brought to life

Our full height science timeline educates students as they traverse the hallways. It also helps bring the significance of science to life. Engaging imagery combines with a naturally flowing timeline graphic. Pupils can review significant dates and events in relation to each other.

The wall also incorporates the names of celebrated scientists alongside images of their discoveries. These iconic moments, from centuries past, helped shape the way that we live today. This will open students’ minds to the ways in which they could help shape the future.

Davison CE High School

Started in 1812 by eponymous founder Reverend William Davison, the school was originally a place for the poor children of the Parish to receive a Christian education, helping them to learn reading, writing and arithmetic.

Over 200 years later, the school’s original principles remain the same, providing a secure environment in which girls may be given the resources needed to develop to the fullest of their potential.

Nurturing positive self esteem and awareness, Davison is an establishment that provides the very best platform for young women looking to reach the very highest personal achievements in life.

Davison CE High School for Girls
Davison CE High School for Girls
Davison high science timeline wall art
Davison CE High School for Girls

A timeline of innovation

Science is so often a subject associated with looking to the future and anticipating what forthcoming inventions and discoveries are held in store for humanity. However, the history of science plays host to some of the human race’s most fascinating stories.

That is exactly what this floor to ceiling, immersive timeline was designed to depict. From the invention of the wheel in 4,000BC to the recent creation of the COVID-19 vaccine, the timeline highlights some of our greatest past discoveries to encourage students to dream of propelling modern science into the future.

Davison high science timeline wall art
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