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BLOG 21 MAR 2022

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This blog has been updated to be relevant in March 2022, having originally been published in 2020.

Science Wall Art is popular for schools who want to promote Science as a fun and engaging subject.

Visual designs on your walls are a great way to inspire a natural curiosity for Science and its endless possibilities! They are also ideal for bringing dull walls to life and creating a positive mindset in children.

Here we’ll show you real examples of Science Wall Art, which you can use as inspiration for your own project. At Promote Your School, we design bespoke Wall Art for schools that can complement your curriculum and stimulate learning.

1. Woodford County High School For Girls – Physics feature wall

woodford county physics feature wall science wall art

Larger than life

Woodford County High School for Girls is a secondary all-girls selective grammar school in Woodford Green, London. The school offers girls a rich and diverse curriculum, with particular focus on STEM subjects. According to the girlsintostem website, “Recent research by the Institute of Engineering & Technology  has revealed that a staggering 93% of parents would not support their daughter to pursue a career in engineering. However when asked what subjects they enjoy at school, 39% of girls said they enjoy Information Technology, Computing and Design & Technology. This research shows there is a clear interest in STEM areas that doesn’t translate to the number of females entering the engineering industry.”

The school wanted to provide a visual design piece that would encourage girls to take an interest in Science. They chose a Physics Feature Mural, including incredible images of the solar system. The Science Wall Art features interesting facts and figures about Science. It also includes photos of famous female faces who have shaped the Science world and inspire other women to get involved.

2. Edison School – Science Timeline

Edison school science timeline wall art science wall art

Hands on

Edison Primary is a Science specialist primary school in West London. The school places a big emphasis on practical work, so students are encouraged to immerse themselves in the subject matter. Wall Art is extremely immersive by nature, so was the perfect addition to the interior of this inspiring school.

We visited the school to assess the available space and learn about the project goals. With a lovely large mural designated for the Science Wall Art project, a timeline was ideal. Tracking the progress of Science through the ages, the stunning imagery features famous faces and information packed with colour. Pupils can now immerse themselves in this beautiful piece of Science Wall Art.

3. The Forest School – Science Corridor

Forest School Science wall art subject themed corridor wrap Wall Art

Lift off!

The Forest School is an all-boys Secondary School in West Sussex. With an excellent reputation for educating young men, the school provides great opportunities for learning.

We were thrilled to be chosen to design Science Wall Art for this progressive school. Using really bright, eye-catching colours and real life images, the walls have been transformed. There are quotes by Thomas Edison and Marie Curie for inspiration. The end result is a visual spectacular of colour, creating a powerful visual environment that inspires learning.

4. Woodford County High School For Girls – Biology Feature Wall

Woodford County High School For Girls evolution feature science wall art

Biology themed Science Wall

Woodford County School for Girls has an atmosphere that is vibrant, purposeful and friendly. Headteacher, Ms Pomeroy describes the school as; “the result of striking a fine balance between tradition and innovation.  Our values are traditional ones and we offer an unashamedly academic curriculum.  We are keenly aware, however, that we are preparing our students for a working life none of us can yet anticipate.  Our focus, therefore, is on developing the skills, attributes and habits of mind that will equip them as life-long learners.”

The school chose a Biology themed Science mural to complement their curriculum and show the intricacies of evolution. The design combines facts with inspiring imagery, so it’s highly engaging for pupils. A previously unused white wall has been brought to life with the addition of Science Wall Art!

Science Wall Art is a wonderful way to inspire a natural curiosity for this interesting subject. Our Wall Art is designed bespoke to your unique requirements and we’ll manage the entire project for you. From design through to print and installation, we’ll ensure your Wall Art is perfect. Get in touch to find out more!

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