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BLOG 28 JAN 2020

Bloxham school murals science corridor

School Murals are a sure-fire way to brighten up any school wall or classroom. We’ve worked with some fantastic schools to create school murals that inspire learning and improve wellbeing.

Here’s a peek at some of our favourite school murals and projects from the past few years. School murals are ideal for any type of school; from Primary and Independent schools through to Secondary, Sixth Form colleges and higher education.

1. The school library mural

school murals library

Bringing books to life

Thomas Arnold is a Primary school in Dagenham. Their inclusive approach focuses on the wellbeing and progress of every child. They are committed to providing a safe place for learning by applying a positive behaviour system.

We were delighted to be contacted by the school to design a school mural for their new Library. The focus of our design is on a rich tapestry of characters, storylines and quotes from popular children’s books. As part of our service, we painted the walls to match the design of the murals. Soft, colourful furnishings provide a playful backdrop that complements the installation. We included memorable quotes from authors like JK Rowling, Dr Seuss and Ted Hughes to inspire pupils to spend more time in the Library. This is the best way to fuel a natural love of reading and a genuine interest in literature!

2. Science and Maths Corridor walls

School mural wall graphics maths corridor

Show and tell

Bloxham School is an independent, co-educational boarding and day school for students aged 11 to 18 in North Oxfordshire. The school has a reputation for excellence and presents a rich and compelling curriculum for students. 

With this in mind, we designed a bespoke school mural focusing on Science and Maths. The design features facts, figures and famous faces that relate to the fields of Science and Maths. Stretching across the length of the corridors and stairwells, the scale of this school mural makes it impossible to miss! The goal was to invoke a natural curiosity for these subjects and encourage pupils to engage with them willingly. The end result is a visual treat that shows the impact these subjects have on our everyday lives.

3. World Map feature wall

school mural map

The world on a wall

Burton End Primary Academy in Suffolk offers a caring and nurturing environment for pupils. We absolutely loved designing this world map themed school mural for the academy. Creating a really fun and playful design, we used bright colours and large images to bring this school mural to life.

An inspiring quote from Nelson Mandela is the focal point of the design, surrounded by different animals from across the globe. We wanted to invoke children’s natural curiosity and make learning a lot of fun. The end result is a really engaging school mural that delights anyone who sees it, young and old alike!

4. Rainforest stairwell

Coventry Primary School rainforest large format stairway wall art school mural

A mural for mental health

According to the mental health charity, Mind, “spending time in nature has been found to help with mental health problems including anxiety and depression.” Frederick Bird Primary School in Coventry went back to nature for this stunning rainforest themed school mural. We know that our visual environment has a big impact on wellbeing. So, using scenes of nature and wildlife to transform the school walls can have a positive effect on students’ moods and morale.

Designed bespoke for the school’s stairwells, the effect of this rainforest themed mural is extraordinary. Students are transported to another world with highly immersive imagery and a really realistic feel to the design. This shows that school murals don’t need to be curriculum based to have an impact on students!

5. History timeline

Drapers Marylands Historical timeline educational wall art school mural

Teaching through the ages

Drapers’ Maylands Primary School delivers a first class education to boys and girls in Romford and is part of Drapers’ Multi-Academy Trust. Their bespoke History timeline school mural is a fantastic complement to the school curriculum. Installed on the walls of the school’s stairwells and hallways, the design takes students through the past ages and eras to present day.

The design is really bright and engaging, with a strong focus on learning and information. In this way, the school mural actually serves as a teaching aid, bringing lessons to life in front of pupils’ eyes.


These are just a few of the many school murals we have created for schools across the UK and beyond. School murals can inspire learning, invoke curiosity and act as a powerful complement to your curriculum. To see more examples of our work, take a look at our case studies. Or call us on 020 7404 3400 to arrange a free school visit to assess your available space and discuss your unique objectives.





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Celebrate World Theatre Day… every day

27th March is World Theatre Day Initiated back in 1962 by the International Theatre Institute, World Theatre Day is a chance to celebrate the life-changing impact of theatre on people around the world.

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