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BLOG 09 JAN 2020

School Library Wall Art is ideal for schools who want to inspire a love of reading and a lifelong appreciation of Literature.

What makes School Library Wall Art so powerful is that it is really immersive and impossible to miss! With bespoke Wall Art, you can create something truly unique and special on the walls of your Library.

school library wall art

Choose a focus for your School Library Wall Art

Your school is unique.

It’s important to create a unique design for your School Library Wall Art that best suits your school and pupils. Wall Art can inspire a love of reading by showing students the fun and immersive world that books can offer them. It can encourage young minds to escape the ordinary and delve into a wonderland of characters, fantasies and themes.

For Early Years, we’d suggest keeping your design very image rich. Lots of bold and vibrant colours, fun, playful pictures and characters from your little ones’ favourite children’s stories. Castles, unicorns, wizards, dinosaurs, cars, boats, robots and fairytale characters are all popular themes. But there is no limit to what can be designed, so let your imagination run wild!

Older children will appreciate a more mature approach. You might like to focus on certain literary eras or handpick popular authors and quotes that will appeal to pupils. Many schools tend to focus their Wall Art on the common set books that form part of their curriculum for each age group. You can choose quotes, text, characters and imagery from your chosen setwork books so your Wall Art serves as a teaching aid as well as an inspirational artwork.

The bigger picture

Consider the rest of the room too.

You could also paint additional walls, doors or radiators to complement your chosen Wall Art. Use matching furniture like reading tables, beanbags and cushions to add to the visual environment, for maximum effect.

It’s worth thinking about your longterm vision for the space. School Library Wall Art can last many years, so make sure you opt for colours, messaging and characters that won’t go out of date! We suggest choosing well loved children’s books that have stood the test of time. Try to avoid focusing on fads or taking excerpts from gimmicky stories that have little literary value.

How to design your School Library Wall Art

We’d always suggest something bespoke.

A bespoke design is a must have when creating School Library Wall Art. It’s worthwhile working with a design partner who specialises in Education. They’ll have experience of working with multiple schools and a deep understanding of what matters most in the Education sector.

There are many routes you can take when choosing a focus for your bespoke design and, as teachers and school leaders, you know your pupils better than anyone else. We’ll work with you closely to understand your vision, then use our design expertise to turn your ideas into design concepts. Some schools choose to complement their curriculum and create School Library Wall Art with a strong learning appeal. Others may focus on stimulating the senses and draw their inspiration from nature, history, art and culture. There’s a lot of research that shows the impact of a visual environment on mental health and pupil wellbeing. We’ll happily share the information and facts we have about the impact of a visual environment if pupil wellbeing is high on your priority list!

Schools who want to improve attainment and boost morale can choose a really positive and uplifting design. Inspiring messages, a reminder of the school’s values and some motivating quotes can go a long way towards lifting pupils’ spirits and creating a positive learning environment.

School Library Wall Art

Choosing a School Design partner

Do your homework

If you’re considering investing in School Library Wall Art, or any Wall Art for that matter, it’s worth doing your homework when it comes to choosing the right design partner. Choose a partner with a proven track record of success in the Education sector. Ask to see examples of previous work (you might even like to visit on of their previous customers to see their Wall Art in the flesh!) and ask them about their process. A good design partner will help you choose the best approach for your school. They’ll manage the entire process for you but will involve you at key stages and get your approval on all artwork. Also make sure that your preferred design partner offers unlimited, free revisions on your artwork – this can have a big impact on your overall cost!

At Promote Your School we have over twenty years’ experience working in Education. We’ve helped transform the walls, hallways, corridors, stairwells, windows and external buildings of hundreds of schools. We pride ourselves on creating inspiring visual learning environments that delight pupils, teachers and parents alike.

We’d love to help you bring your vision to life!

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