How Wall Art can help reduce staff workload

BLOG 27 SEP 2023

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The Workload reduction in schools in England report states that “lowering expectations for classroom displays is one way to reduce teacher workload“.

Achieving a balance in staff workload is a big challenge faced by all senior school leaders. There is an ongoing need to find ways to support staff and colleagues with their workloads, and ensure their wellbeing is prioritised too.

Here we will look at what action schools can take to reduce staff workload using Wall Art, and how this will benefit staff and pupils.

Zero maintenance displays

The environment in which pupils learn has a significant impact on their mindset and their ability to achieve positive outcomes. Well created displays serve as teaching tools, and can engage, excite, calm and guide pupils, bring the school together and celebrate success.

However, teachers can spend hours creating beautiful displays, only for them to become tatty and torn in no time. Similarly, they may use valuable time sourcing and combining all the components for a display, then realise they’re missing a key component (like a piece of stationery or adhesive) that requires additional sourcing. This can be extremely frustrating, time consuming and costly! It also takes a considerable amount of time to fix or change displays to keep them current.

Unlike temporary displays, Wall Art is a completely zero maintenance solution.

Wall Art is printed on premium, industrial grade materials, so it is designed to last many years in busy school environments. It can be wiped down with a cloth and warm, soapy water without the need for special treatments or products.

Wall Art removes the need for regular painting and decoration. So, not only do teachers benefit from creating less temporary displays, caretakers and estates managers can focus their time on more pressing tasks around the buildings and grounds as well.

While Wall Art may incite a bigger cost upfront than a traditional temporary display, it will deliver significant return on investment after years of use.

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Bespoke designs

High quality classroom displays support teaching and learning, raise morale and improve outcomes. So, the aim should be to reduce workload, without compromising on the quality and efficacy of these displays.

Bespoke Wall Art is a viable solution because it’s tailored to the school’s unique objectives, curriculum and visual environment. Teachers can contribute to the design brief to ensure their Wall Art achieves their specific aims. But, we offer total flexibility to schools in terms of how much, or how little, input they’d like to have in the design process.

Some schools want a collaborative approach, encouraging teachers and pupils to suggest ideas and help refine the design brief. Other schools simply don’t have time and require a light touch approach where they’ll share their objectives, and we support them in creating their brief.

The process of creating traditional classroom displays can be stressful, time consuming and costly. In contrast, schools often tell us that they thoroughly enjoy the process of contributing to their Wall Art design brief.

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“Reducing teacher workload can have a positive impact on improving teacher retention and wellbeing.” (Source: Education Development Trust July 2023)

As teachers spend more time dealing with pupils’ health and social care, behavioural challenges and mental health concerns, their remits continue to grow. Creating and maintaining classroom displays is yet another item on their to do lists. This can exacerbate the feeling of stress and overwhelm.

Permanent Wall Art will reduce the demand for temporary displays, and free up teachers’ time to work on other priorities.

In addition, Wall Art designs that feature nature, positive phrases and uplifting images are very effective for calm spaces or breakout areas. They can have a positive impact on teachers and students alike.

The positive designs can support students who need to deescalate or regulate their behaviour. If pupils are able to seek out these areas when they need them, teachers can continue lessons with minimal disruption, trusting the wellbeing Wall Art to work its magic.

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Better learning outcomes

According to the Education Development Trust, as teacher wellbeing improves (perhaps through reduced workloads and better wellbeing support for pupils) student attainment improves. So, by focusing on staff workloads and wellbeing as an area of priority, schools can actually boost their attainment rates across the board.

A positive learning environment and happy staff make yours a desirable school to attend and work at. So, inclusive, visually inspiring Wall Art can also support your marketing activity – such as teacher recruitment campaigns and Open Days. Staff will be eager to join a school where everyone feels safe, happy and ready to learn.

You can measure the value of your investment in permanent displays like Wall Art across all these areas. And this value will not diminish, due to its timeless design and durability.

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Wall Art – Our Process

Headteachers, school business managers, estates managers and other senior school leaders approach us to help them achieve their aspirations.

First, we’ll understand their goals, then discuss the kind of Wall Art that will best suit their needs and available space.

Once we understand the goal and areas to work with, we’ll measure up the space. This helps us put together a quote based on the scope of work required.

From there, we’ll guide the team through our design, print and installation phases. We provide outstanding customer support from start to finish – and this is why so many schools work with us on a repeat basis.

Get in touch to discuss your goals and find out how we can help you achieve them with our bespoke Wall Art.

Email: wallart@promoteyourschool.com

Call: +44 (0) 20 7404 3400

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