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BLOG 12 SEP 2022

“We invest in our learning environment, because we believe all pupils deserve to soar” – Mrs Allnutt, Headteacher at Greenvale Primary School.

Pupils at Greenvale Primary School come from a range of backgrounds and about 50% of our children are on a Pupil Premium.

But they all have one thing in common – they’re eager to learn.

When I look around and see the opportunities we provide our pupils, despite limited funds and a range of challenges, I feel proud of what we’ve achieved as a school.

We don’t have a lot, but whatever we do have is invested into our children and their learning environment.

Welcome to Greenvale Primary School

About five years ago, we worked hard to raise funds so we could invest in our reception area.

Previously, the area was dull and drab, not very welcoming.

I had a vision for a beautiful, enchanting woodland scene – and I started designing the image in my mind, and then on paper.

The idea was to inspire pupils from the minute they walk through the front door.

Many of our pupils have limited vocabulary or learning challenges. So I was keen to spark curiosity and conversation through engaging, colourful designs.

Prior to this, we had already done a lot of work on our visual environment.

For example, our corridors feature multiple murals that have been crafted by hand and fixed to the walls. We also installed wallpaper and a painted mural to showcase our school values.

But the challenge we find with many of these visual displays is that they don’t last that long, so they often need to be maintained or replaced.

For our reception area, we wanted a more permanent, long-lasting solution. But we were eager to maintain our vision for the space – so we needed the right creative partner to work alongside us.

Bespoke Wall Art

I came across Promote Your School and liked the look of their designs, so I got in touch to find out what they could offer.

Alison, from the Promote Your School team, visited our school to find out about our ideas for the reception area.

I was impressed with her approach – she seemed genuinely interested in the school and what we were trying to achieve. After the visit, Alison sent me a quote for the work and guided me through a design brief so the design team could understand my vision and requirements for the space.

As a nature and animal lover, it was important to me that the designs featured a mix of greenery, woodlands and animals.

I also wanted to give a nod to our beautiful therapy dog, Woody. He’s a much loved member of our school community and he has a big and positive impact on the pupils here.

Bringing the vision to life

Alison sent over the initial artwork and I was blown away by the attention to detail!

The designers had included all the elements and little touches I’d asked for. I loved the woodland look and feel – it brought to life the vision I’d had and looked slick and professional.

I requested a few amends to the designs and signed off the artwork to go to print.

Then, the installation team got in touch. They carried out a survey prior to the installation date, to make sure the area was prepped and ready.

When the final Wall Art was revealed, I was delighted. It had transformed the space and captured the air of magic I was hoping to create.

Five years on…

Five years later, our Wall Art still looks as good as it did on the day it was installed.

In fact, everyone who visits our school is wowed by the designs, and comments on them.

But, most importantly, our pupils love walking through the reception area. They particularly enjoy exploring the pictures and commenting on what they can find.

It’s a joy to watch children engaging with the designs and using their vocabulary to discuss what they can see.

Next steps

Our fantastic PTA has now managed to raise funds to transform our school library with a complete makeover.

We know that literacy is vital to help pupils thrive. So we want to provide a beautiful, safe and welcoming library. It should be an area where children can escape the world and get lost in the pages of a good book.

We’re in the process of clearing and preparing the area for the makeover. Once again, we will work with Promote Your School to bring our vision to life through their Wall Art designs.

I’m immensely proud of the positive and nurturing learning environment we offer to our wonderful pupils. And I will continue doing whatever I can to make our school as visually appealing as possible. Nurture – Inspire – Succeed.

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