Wall Art to Improve Pupil Wellbeing

BLOG 07 JUL 2022

wellbeing wall art for schools

Wall Art can help you improve pupil wellbeing and promote positive mental health.

Bespoke Wall Art is a wonderful resource to help you improve pupil wellbeing.

You can also use your school’s walls to promote a positive mindset, with tips on how to stay healthy in body and mind.

Wall Art will help you;

Healthy body, healthy mind

Wall Art can help you promote healthy lifestyle habits that will, in turn, improve pupil wellbeing.

For example, you can use the walls of your canteen to showcase an array of beautiful, healthy foods. Fruit and veg will become the heroes of the day when pupils appreciate the impact of healthy eating on their wellbeing.

Brentfield primary school wall art

Time for calm

Many schools are teaching mindfulness to help improve pupil wellbeing. Some schools have implemented the .b course from the Mindfulness in Schools project. Whilst others may have their own internal measures and practices in place.

Whatever your approach, we know that taking some time out to rest, breathe and focus can help reduce anxiety and stress. Happy children learn better – so mindfulness can indirectly improve learning outcomes too.

You don’t need a huge space to create a calm area. Anywhere will do! In fact, you can apply Wall Art to a single wall of your school and it will make a big impact.

For example, check out the design below. We created this beautiful wellbeing wall for Christ the King College. It includes tips for pupils about how to change their words and actions to promote wellbeing.

The design also provides information about mindfulness, physical and mental health.

Inspire and motivate

“In life, there is no such thing as impossible. It’s always possible” – Venus Williams.

This stirring quote appears in the Wall Art we designed for The Phoenix Primary School & Nursery. You can see the image below.

We transformed their sports hall with stunning imagery and inspiring quotes. The goal was to inspire pupils to work hard and never give up.

Schools often ask us to include motivational quotes within their Wall Art designs. And this is particularly pertinent when the goal is to improve wellbeing.

Motivational quote school wall art


Head outdoors

Spending time in nature is proven to benefit mental health. Just as well, because the Covid-19 pandemic forced many schools to create outdoor learning spaces to stay safe.

This trend has remained, as we continue to receive requests for outdoor Wall Art.

One of our favourite outdoor projects was this stunning nature wall (below). We designed the wall for One World Montessori Nursery in London.

The Wall Art features a beautiful woodland scene, with birds, butterflies and wildlife. It transports pupils to a natural wonderland – so it’s great for wellbeing!

One World Nursery outdoor bespoke wall art feature

Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design is most commonly used in architecture and construction. It refers to the practice of using natural resources to create a sense of harmony between modern architecture and the natural world.

But, did you know that Biophilic Design is also used by schools to improve pupil wellbeing?

In fact, the team at Putney High School have spent the past few years applying this practice to their classroom.

Promote Your School proudly played a part in Putney High School’s BREATHE project. We designed a large mural, using stunning nature photography by Matthew Cattel. Then, we printed the design and installed it in the test classroom at Putney High School.

The study began with the transformation of three otherwise similar Sixth Form classrooms.

The impact of the photographic mural demonstrated change through a more animated environment, whereby students choosto move to a seat with a view of the muraland the teacher expressed I love teaching in this room while facing the mural to address the students” – Clare Bowman, Sustainability Advisor at RCZM Sustainable Design.


Find out more

Contact us to find out more about bespoke Wall Art for schools. We’d love to chat to you about how Wall Art can help you improve wellbeing.

We’ve over twenty years’ experience in education and design. In fact, our co-founder Lisa has 20 years’ experience in the education industry as a teacher, senior leader, advisor and educational consultant. So we’re well placed to help you achieve your goals!



Biophilic Classrooms at Putney High School

How biophilic Wall Art can foster wellbeing in school

Being able to see pictures of plants and nature can make pupils feel more relaxed and healthier More than ever, schools have an increased focus on children’s mental health and wellbeing.

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