One World Montessori Nursery Outdoor Woodland Wall Art
One World Nursery outdoor bespoke wall art feature
Close up image of woodland themed outdoor wall art

Outdoor Woodland Wall Art has transformed the One World Montessori Nursery in London.

We were delighted to design an Outdoor Woodland Wall Art theme for the nursery’s play area. A nature theme is the perfect way to add an air of escapism to a bustling city centre location.

We focused on trees, greenery, flowers and wildlife to create the woodland theme. And the end result is stunning; complemented by artificial playground surface and fun, colourful bunting.

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external play area wall art
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Butterfly bespoke outdoor nursery wall art

One World Nursery case study image wall art

One world nursery woodland wall art

More than meets the eye

We loved designing this bespoke Outdoor Woodland Wall Art for the nursery. Because it’s aimed at young children, we tried to make the design as engaging as possible. From afar the wall is filled with colour and creates a calming nature theme. Up close, children can explore the design in detail and discover flowers and animals hidden amid the trees.

This creates an air of excitement and provides stimulation for pupils at the nursery. The Wall Art has also transformed a previously disinteresting outdoor wall. Our installation team worked with meticulous care to make sure the Wall Art fits the wall like a glove so it looks as though it’s always been there.

All ages

Outdoor Woodland Wall Art is ideal for a nursery environment as it creates a fun and interesting space to learn and play. But there are all sorts of topics and themes to consider for your Wall Art project. Nature themes appeal to pupils of all ages and are proven to improve pupil wellbeing. Similarly, many schools feature their school values on their walls to remind pupils of the attitudes and behaviours they’re expected to uphold. We can even design Wall Art to complement your curriculum; featuring setbooks, Science and Maths content or History timelines.

Learn more

If you’d like to find out more about Outdoor Woodland Wall Art or any type of mural design for your school, get in touch! You can view more of our work in our Case Studies section. Or request a free site visit where we’ll discuss your objectives and provide guidance on how to maximise your budget.