Feel good spaces – our five favourites

feel good spaces

At Promote Your School, we’ve created thousands of feel good spaces for schools over the years. Carefully designed Wall Art can transform any area into a positive place to be.

We’ve taken some time to look back at some of the most inspiring feel good spaces we’ve designed for schools over the years. We hope you’ll enjoy wandering through these stunning artworks as much as we have!

An uplifting quote or beautiful image can give you a boost and add interest to your visual environment.

Inspirational Corridor – St Edmund’s Girls’ School

St Edmund's Girls inspirational bespoke corridor wall art feel good spaces

In the current climate of social distancing, it’s nice to feel connected to the rest of the world. Amidst the fear and dramatic images in the media, there is positivity too! People are joining forces to support each other, prioritise the vulnerable and show appreciation for key workers who are making a difference.

This landmark themed design is part of an Inspirational Corridor for St Edmund’s Girls’ School to inspire students with motivational quotes and beautiful images.  With many people, of all ages, currently self-isolating at home away from peers, colleagues and loved ones, this beautiful worldly design reminds us that we’re never alone!

Alice in Wonderland theme – Lee Chapel Primary School

lee chapel literacy alice in wonderland

We could all use a dose of escapism at the moment! This Alice in Wonderland design is another of our favourite feel good spaces. It’s an intriguing example of a literacy themed design that engages the senses and tickles the mind.

Reading is one of the best activities for helping children (and adults) escape the ordinary and delve into a world of limitless possibilities. With this in mind, why not dig out some old classics whilst you’re self-isolating at home? Some super examples are Alice in Wonderland, The Wind in the Willows, Moby Dick, The Secret Garden and Matilda.

Performing arts wall – Fairfield Primary School

feel good spaces

This dynamic, exciting and colourful design features a fun musical theme! It was created for the performing arts room at Fairfield School and is one of our favourite feel good spaces. The quote, “Music is life, that’s why our hearts have beats” is a particularly poignant focal point for this fabulous feature wall.

There’s no doubt that music is a great resource for keeping your spirits high whilst self-isolating. In fact, there are plenty of self-isolation themed playlists available online, from soothing sounds to upbeat party tunes.

Science Corridor –The Forest School

Science subject corridor at the Forest School Wall Art feel good spaces

Focusing on facts is a great way to find comfort and meaning during times of uncertainty. This beautiful Science themed design for The Forest School has transformed an unused wall into a stunning visual backdrop. It shows how to incorporate an educational theme when using Wall Art to create feel good spaces.

The quote from Marie Curie is a powerful reminder to continue moving forward, despite the challenges we’re facing!

External Woodland Feature – Cherry Tree Academy

feel good spaces

At Promote Your School, we’re passionate about improving pupil wellbeing through nature-themed Wall Art. Recently, we published a blog about how to bring nature indoors if you’re self-isolating in response to the Coronavirus outbreak.  Spending time in nature leads to better mental and physical health. In fact, just looking at this beautiful external woodland feature for Cherry Tree Academy can give you a boost and add some positivity to your day.

It’s one of our favourite feel good spaces thanks to the presence of birds, flowers, butterflies, greenery and wildlife – all nestled together in a beautiful woodland scene.

Covid Safe Site Visits

We fully understand you have a lot to juggle right now, and the regular day is not so regular. To help accommodate this, we can visit your school at almost any time of the day, while maintaining social distance – before, during or after school hours (7am to 6pm) – to discuss how Wall Art could benefit your school, and potentially save you money on building maintenance.