The Grove Primary School History Timeline

The grove timeline school wall art
The grove timeline school wall art

We designed a history timeline for The Grove Primary School.

A history timeline gives a visual overview of key events throughout the years. And, the school hall at The Grove Primary School was the perfect space for this extra large format Wall Art.

Read on to find out more about our design process. And learn why history is such a popular theme for Wall Art!

The grove timeline school wall art
The grove timeline school wall art
The grove timeline school wall art
The grove timeline school wall art

History timeline

A visual timeline is a powerful way to showcase key events throughout history. In fact, we know that visual aids can improve learning outcomes. So, it makes sense that an extra large format design like this one will help pupils remember their historical facts and figures!

A history timeline gives pupils context of the chronology of events. So they can piece together all the information in a clear and simple way. This can be particularly useful at exam time. A student may recall a unique date or fact when they picture the accompanying image in their mind.

Wall Art for schools

We really enjoyed working with the team at The Grove Primary School. This was one of two projects we designed for the school. You can see the other one here.

We have over twenty years’ experience in design and education. So we’ve created a clear design process for the schools we work with. To begin, we conduct a Covid-safe site visit at each school (UK only). This allows us to measure up the available space and chat to the team about their objectives.

From there, we’ll guide the school through the design process. And finally, print and installation at a time that’s convenient for the school. We can install over weekends and during holidays to minimise disruption to school time.

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You can see more of our work in the Case Studies section of our website. We often suggest schools take a look at other projects we’ve completed to see what kind of styles and topics they like. But we design everything bespoke, so your Wall Art will be one of a kind!



Abbots Hall timeline wall art

Abbots Hall Primary Academy Stairwell Timeline Wall Art

This beautiful school stairwell timeline tracks the evolution of history. So, from the earliest periods of civilisation to present times, pupils can walk alongside key events and dates.

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