Selwood Academy Maths Department Wall Art

Selwood academy maths wall art
Selwood academy maths wall art
Selwood academy maths wall art

We designed Maths Department Wall Art for Selwood Academy.

Maths Department Wall Art is guaranteed to get pupils in the right mindset for learning, and a fantastic resource to stimulate curiosity in the subject. We loved creating this beautiful visual celebration of Maths for Selwood Academy in Somerset.

Read on to find out how we transformed the walls at the school!

Selwood academy maths wall art
Selwood academy maths wall art
Selwood academy maths wall art

The practical impact of Wall Art

We were delighted to introduce strong practical learning opportunities within this project. The Wall Art includes vivid learning aids to encourage learning within the department space, outside of the classroom.

Large visual displays facilitate active learning because they allow pupils to walk alongside key information. By using striking images and bold text, against a colourful backdrop, we ensured that the Wall Art would engage all types of learners.

Our Wall Art design includes learning tools such as a times tables grid, a fractions table, metric unit conversions, and guidance on measuring the area of shapes, to name but a few!

We also featured inspirational historical quotes, such as from French mathematician Siméon Denis Poisson to highlight the impact that Maths can have.

Maximising the space

Our in-house design team were keen to maximise the space, filling it with as much useful content and imagery as possible. They were careful, however, not to overload the area, allowing pupils to absorb all the information with ease.

Selwood academy maths wall art
Selwood academy maths wall art

Making the most of your corridors

School Corridor Wraps are highly visual. So, they will inspire, motivate and engage pupils with a clever mix of large images, bold colours and standout fonts.

Science and Maths themed Corridor Wraps are a popular choice. History and Literacy based designs, and inspirational Quotes from famous figures also work well.  But when it comes to choosing a theme for your school Corridor Wrap, anything is possible! We’ll work closely with you to understand your goals and preferences. So we can make sure your school Corridor Wrap exceeds expectations.

Selwood academy maths wall art

Bespoke design and durability

We created this department design bespoke to the school’s requirements so it’s tailored to their curriculum.

Our Wall Art is durable and designed to last many years in busy school environment, offering you a significant return on investment.

Looking for more information?

We offer a free site survey where we will visit your school to review your corridors and available space. We’ll also give suggestions on how to make the most of the space through the right mix of design, messaging and positioning.

Email us on or call 020 7404 3400 to arrange your free, no obligation consultation.

Selwood academy maths wall art
Corridor Wraps Maths Subject Zones


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A Must Read Books wall is a great resource for sparking curiosity for reading. We featured some of the most popular children’s books in this vibrant design.

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