Plumberow Primary Academy Timeline Wall Art

Plumberow timeline wall art
Plumberow timeline wall art
Plumberow timeline wall art

Check out this academy timeline Wall Art project!

We designed the academy timeline Wall Art for Plumberow Primary Academy. Timelines are a great resource to encourage active learning and stimulate discussion between pupils.

Find out more about our design process and how we help schools enrich their learning environments.

Plumberow timeline wall art
Plumberow timeline wall art
Plumberow timeline wall art
Plumberow timeline wall art
Plumberow timeline wall art

Academy Timeline Wall Art

Timelines are one of the most common Wall Art requests we get from schools. And for good reason too! They promote active learning but providing an extra large format and very visual learning aid for pupils.

Students can wander alongside key events in history and find out more about each. They can also get context of various events in relation to each other. So they’ll understand the chronology of what happened and when.

Finally, timelines promote genuine curiosity in pupils. What, why, when and how are all questions that children will want to ask when faced with a visual representation of history.

Our design process

How do we bring a school’s vision to life through the power of bespoke Wall Art? It all comes down to our carefully honed design process.

At Promote Your School, we have over twenty years’ experience in design and education. So we are well placed to guide schools through the process of achieving their goals through Wall Art.

We provide a consultative service throughout; starting with a free, no obligation site visit. During this visit, we’ll discuss the school’s objectives and make suggestions about how to maximise their space and budget.

Print and installation

Once the school has approved the designs, we’ll arrange print and installation. Our installation team is able to work over weekends and during holidays. This helps minimise disruption to teaching and learning time!

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the big reveal. We love seeing pupils and teachers’ faces when they see their Wall Art for the first time. It’s certainly exciting to see photos and videos shared on Twitter.

Want to know more?

Check out our case studies to see more of our work in action.

Then, once you’re ready to find out more, get in touch!

We’ll happily visit your school, free of charge, to chat through your goals. Then, we’ll bring them to life through our stunning designs.

Corridor Wraps Timelines


Abbots Hall timeline wall art

Abbots Hall Primary Academy Stairwell Timeline Wall Art

This beautiful school stairwell timeline tracks the evolution of history. So, from the earliest periods of civilisation to present times, pupils can walk alongside key events and dates.

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