Madeley High School Science Timeline
PYS Madeley Science Wall Art
PYS Madeley Science Wall Art

We designed a School Science Timeline for Madeley High School.

A school Science timeline is a wonderful learning resource for pupils. And this design has transformed a school stairwell into a learning opportunity.

Read on to find out more about our design process and how we bring schools’ walls to life!

PYS Madeley Science Wall Art
PYS Madeley Science Wall Art
PYS Madeley Science Wall Art

PYS Madeley Science Wall Art

School Science Timeline

Can you spot some famous faces within this Science-themed design? We tried to include some of the most prolific figures in the field of Science. And the idea is to inspire pupils by showcasing role models who have done incredible things with their knowledge and experience.

The images are a critical part of our designs. In fact, we all know the expression about a picture speaking a hundred words. So, when we create bespoke Wall Art, we always use a mix of colour, images and text to create an immersive design.

Learning opportunities

Did you know? Your school’s stairwells are the perfect environment for Wall Art.

For a start, they’re a heavily populated area of a school. So your pupils are bound to walk up and down the school stairs at least once every day. So, if you use your walls to include academic information, they’re likely to absorb and remember the images and facts without even realising they’re learning!

Bespoke design

We believe that bespoke design is the best option for schools. Every school is unique and has something different to offer its pupils. So, a bespoke design allows you to showcase your branding, ethos, values and even tone of voice.

We have over twenty years’ experience in education and design. So we have the skills and expertise to help you use Wall Art to achieve your goals as a school.

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