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BLOG 25 MAR 2020

immersive learning environments

Immersive learning environments can have a big impact on pupils. Just ask Gregory Hill, headteacher at Howard Junior School in Kings Lynn.

Howard Junior school has a reputation for offering an exciting, interactive and dynamic learning environment. For this reason, Global tech giant, Apple, has recognised the school as a ‘Distinguished School’. That means it offers “continuous innovation in learning, teaching and the school environment”. In fact, Apple says its Distinguished Schools are some of the most innovative schools in the world.

Immersive Learning Environments

The school turns to technology for creativity, meaning and practical learning. For example, pupils can use iPads, take Apple training courses and visit an interactive corridor – with access to a tech suite through a Tardis door! Pupils see curated content on an 140 inch Apple TV enabled screen as they remove bags and coats. This informs and excites them about the lessons they are about to experience. Finally, the corridor features stereo surround sound and LED tube lighting throughout. It all makes the entire environment come alive to create an experience unlike any other.

“As educators, we have a responsibility and opportunity to empower students to accelerate and personalise their learning. We can achieve this by enabling them to engage and collaborate with their peers, their community and the real world.” – Gregory Hill

How can immersive learning environments help?

Howard Junior School Immersive learning environments

Fuel natural curiosity

As teachers at Howard Junior School can attest, curiosity is contagious. An immersive learning environment encourages pupils to explore, seek answers and want to learn. And interactivity is a key ingredient. If pupils are able to see, touch and experience something physically, they’re more likely to engage with it. Once they engage with it, they’ll remember it too.

Teachers encourage pupils to take an active interest in their learning environment. For example, the school has invested in STEM themed Wall Art. This complements their diverse curriculum and stimulates a natural love of learning. The school also holds regular events, such as their Dr Who themed day, to promote a love of technology. Pupils were enthralled when they were visited by Dr Who writers and a real Dalek. It traversed the corridor, leaving amazed onlookers in its wake. This is certainly immersive learning at its best!

Inspire learning

Dull, white walls, tatty posters and bland, drab corridors – this is the state of many school interiors.

By contrast, an immersive learning environment is built with the senses in mind. Visual design can transform a school hallway or classroom into something exciting for students. At Howard Junior School, it’s clear that pupils love learning and engage fully with their surroundings.

“At Howard Junior School, we are proud of the hard work undertaken by our students and staff; as well as the consistently high results that our learners achieve every year.” – Gregory Hill, Headteacher

Howard Junior School Immersive learning environments

An ongoing commitment

Above all, staff at Howard Junior School work tirelessly to maintain their learning environment. And the results of their efforts are clear to see. The school offers a happy, engaged community of pupils who love learning within an immersive and inclusive school.

“We encourage all pupils to embrace their learning environment and to take an active role. We fundraise for charity, invest in Wall Art for the corridors and constantly explore new technology.  I have no doubt that this motivates students to want to learn more and is reflected in our results. It requires ongoing commitment from everyone. But it’s worth the effort in every single respect.” – Gregory Hill, Headteacher

Powerful partnerships

We were delighted to work with the team at Howard Junior School and are proud to support such an innovative school. We’re also thrilled that our bespoke Wall Art has made a difference. A STEM themed corridor creates excitement and stimulates a love for learning but the real hard work is done by staff and pupils on an ongoing basis!  The school’s success shows the potential of immersive learning environments and how to bring them to life.

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