Fulham Cross Girls’ School Female Scientists

Fulham Cross stairwell school wall art
Fulham Cross stairwell school wall art
Fulham Cross stairwell school wall art

We designed a female Scientists Stairwell for Fulham Cross Girls’ School.

By featuring female Scientists on their walls, the school hopes to inspire a new generation of women in Science.

We loved designing the artwork for the school’s stairwells. And we enjoyed transforming the space into a wonderful learning opportunity for students.

Read on to find out more about our design process and why we’re proud to showcase women in Science.

Fulham Cross stairwell school wall art
Fulham Cross stairwell school wall art
Fulham Cross stairwell school wall art
Fulham Cross stairwell school wall art

Famous faces

Mae Carol Jemison is an American engineer, physician, and former NASA astronaut. She became the first black woman to travel into space when she served as a mission specialist aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

We were delighted to feature such an intelligent, dedicated and inspiring woman within our Wall Art designs. And we’ve no doubt she’ll serve as a beacon of endless possibility for the girls at Fulham Cross Girls’ School!

Fulham Cross stairwell school wall art

Female Scientists Stairwell

According to GirlsintoStem, “The UK needs 100,000 new graduates in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects every year until 2020 just to maintain the current employment numbers. What is even more staggering is the percentage of females who make up the current engineering workforce in the UK – only 6%”.

This needs to change. And we believe that schools like Fulham Cross Girls’ School are making a real difference. By using visual cues to showcase talented women in Science, more girls will be inspired to follow in their footsteps.

Key achievements

This Wall Art is a celebration of female Scientists. It showcases each Scientist with a large photo for reference. And we also included information about their achievements and contributions to the field.

So, in addition to being inspired, girls will learn about various aspects of Scientific study. And they’ll be able to see future career paths within the field.

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