Chailey School Environment Wall Art
Chailey school environment wall art
Chailey school environment wall art

We designed environment Wall Art for Chailey School.

Environment Wall Art celebrates the beauty of our natural world. It’s also a reminder that we, as humans, have the power and responsibility to preserve it. Finally, for pupils, this is an empowering reminder that the future of life on earth depends on us.

Read on to find out more about our design process.

Chailey school environment wall art
Chailey school environment wall art

Environment Wall Art

Chailey School is a secondary comprehensive school in Lewes, East Sussex, which fosters a culture of achievement and progress. Pupils are always encouraged to learn about the world around them, beyond the classroom.

So we were delighted to design bespoke environment Wall Art for the school. Our talented design team created the artwork in-house, bespoke to the school’s requirements. And we’re thrilled with the end result!

Our rich, natural world

We used a mix of stunning imagery, specifically wildlife, and a stirring quote from Sir David Attenborough within the design. We wanted to capture pupils’ attention as they walk along the school corridor.

Pupils can enjoy an inspiring array of wildlife displayed on their school’s walls. The design also showcases the sense of awe and wonder of the natural world.

Shared responsibility

The ultimate goal of this design is to inspire action. Pupils can reflect on the role they can play in preserving our natural world. And this will stimulate discussion between peers, and complement lessons about the world in the classroom.

The designs will appeal to pupils of all ages across the secondary school.

Our process

Promote Your School is an education design agency with over twenty years’ experience. We provide a consultative service, including design, print and installation. And we work with schools around the world.

Some schools have a clear idea of what they want from their Wall Art. While others simply have a goal in mind. But whatever camp you fall into, we can help bring your vision to life through our carefully honed design process. So you’ll get the exact result you want.

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