Burnt Mill Academy – English Literature Wall Art
Burnt Mill Academy English Subject wall art
Burnt Mill Academy English subject classroom wall art

English Literature Wall Art will bring celebrated tomes to your school’s walls!

We designed an English Literature Wall Art feature for Burnt Mill Academy in Harlow.

It showcases some of the famous faces and quotes from revered literature throughout History.

And there’s a particular focus on Shakespeare. In fact, many of his plays have been brought to life on the school’s walls.

Burnt Mill Academy literature quotes wall art
Burnt Mill Academy English subject stairwell wall art

Stairwell Wall Art for Schools

We also transformed the school’s stairwells with some carefully crafted Wall Art. And this stairwell deviates a little from the English Literature Wall Art theme.

For example, we give a creepy crawly nod to Franz Kafka’s ‘Metamorphisis’. This is a really immersive piece of artwork for the school steps that almost comes alive before students’ eyes.

Burnt Mill Academy English subject large format wall art
Harlow School English subject themed corridor Wall Art

History meets Literature

As you wander further along the school’s corridors, you’ll be greeted with some Greek Gods and saints. For example; Poseidon and Pantalaimon greet students as they make their way along the school halls.

These imposing images create a sense of awe and wonder. In turn, they’ll invoke curiosity in students and promote learning too.

Harlow school medusa theme corridor wall art

Natural features

When designing Wall Art for schools, we always make sure our designs work well against existing features. In particular, we’ll design around doorways, windows, radiators and handrails.

This beautiful image of Medusa is a great example of how we can install Wall Art to complement natural features like a doorway.

Harlow school literacy quotes corridor wall art
Harlow school Trojan horse themed corridor wall art
Burnt Mill Academy subject zone corridor wall art

Wall Art for your school

If you’d like to find out more about Wall Art for your school, get in touch!

We’d love to share examples of our other projects and find out about your goals and objectives. Our entire design process can be conducted remotely too!