Brampton Manor Academy Sixth Form science walls

Brampton Sixth form Science walls corridor wall art
Brampton Sixth form Science walls corridor wall art
Brampton Academy sixth form custom designed Science walls wall art
Sixth form Centre close up of science walls wall art

We designed Sixth Form Science Walls for Brampton Manor Academy.

The striking Sixth Form Science Walls have transformed the school’s corridors and stairwells!

We used a high impact design. It features inspiring images and quotes from the field of Science. The goal is to create a sense of excitement and get pupils in the right frame of mind for learning.

It’s Science!

Our bespoke Wall Art is designed to help schools achieve their unique goals. In this case, the school were keen to focus on Science.

The target audience was Sixth Formers, so the designs needed to be mature and engaging. For this reason, we used realistic images and highly memorable quotes.

We’re confident that the designs will pique students’ curiosity for Science. And, it may encourage them to pay closer attention to their Science lessons in the classroom! In this way, these Sixth Form Science walls can act as a learning aid too.


Brampton Sixth form Science walls corridor wall art
Brampton Sixth form Science walls corridor wall art
Close up of sixth form centres science walls wall art

Sixth Form Science walls

We were grateful for the large, horizontal wall we had to work with. It lent itself perfectly to the Science theme. We also transformed the school’s stairwells, with a Mathematical quote that celebrates the spirit of inclusivity through Mathematics!

We aligned the colours to the school’s branding. This is one of the benefits of bespoke Wall Art; we can tailor the designs to each school’s individual preferences. Some schools choose to focus their Wall Art on a paticular subject. Others may blend various aspects of their curriculum. While many schools choose to celebrate their school values through Wall Art. We can design pretty much anything to transform your school’s walls!

More about Wall Art

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Brampton Academy Science walls themed corridor wall art
Brampton Sixth form science and math themed wall art
Brampton sixth form science themed walls wall art
Brampton Sixth form science walls bespoke corridor wall art
Corridor Wraps Science Subject Zones


Sir Herbert Leon school wall art

Sir Herbert Leon Academy Must Read Books Corridor

A Must Read Books wall is a great resource for sparking curiosity for reading. We featured some of the most popular children’s books in this vibrant design.

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