Alperton Community School Subject Zones
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Alperton Maths feature wall art mural

We designed Community School Subject Zones.

These Community School Subject Zones have transformed the walls of Alperton Community School. The timelines traverse the entire length of the school’s corridors. And they cover a myriad of subjects and topics, events and famous faces.

In this way, the Wall Art serves as a learning aid to complement the school’s diverse curriculum.

School Subject Zones

Community School Subject Zones

At Promote Your School, we offer a fully consultative service to schools. This means we work closely with them from the very start of their project right through to the installation and after sales support.

This is important because we do more than design Wall Art. In fact, we provide guidance to schools on how to take their objectives and use Wall Art to achieve them. All designs are produced in-house by our talented and experienced team. Although we’re based in the UK, we design Wall Art for schools all over the world!

Bespoke design

Because all designs are bespoke, we tailor the imagery, messaging and branding to each individual school. For example, in the case of these Community School Subject Zones, we aligned the colouring to the school’s official colours.

This creates a sense of cohesion and familiarity for students. It also creates a stunning first impression for visitors to the school. Most importantly, the designs have a strong curriculum focus. So they help students learn within a pleasing visual environment.

Learn more

If you’d like to arrange a free site visit or learn more, get in touch! We will visit your school for a no obligation discussion about your objectives. And we’ll suggest how to use Wall Art to achieve them. If you’re unsure which walls to use for your Wall Art, we can suggest the best areas to transform and how to maximise your budget.

You can view more examples of our work in the Case Studies section of our website.