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Create privacy in offices, personality to rooms or give a facelift to your school's facade.

The hythe values wall art

Hythe Community Primary School Values

There are many ways to share and reinforce your values to pupils, teachers and parents. Showcasing them in communal areas is definitely an effective one.

The hythe values wall art
The wyvern pool window vinyl wall
The Wyvern School – swimming pool windows
JFS School welcome windows feature wall art
JFS – welcome windows
Halfway Houses Primary school core values window wall art
Halfway Houses Primary School – welcome windows
Berger Primary School literature themed library Wall Art
Berger Primary School – Library Wall Art
Shooters Hill Sixth Form College subject zones wall art
Shooters Hill Sixth Form College – subject zones
Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School external wall art
Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School – wall art


Turn your hallways into a rich narrative of history, subjects or themes with Timeline Wall Art from Promote Your School.


Create a world of discovery and expand your students’ horizons with Maps Wall Art from Promote Your School.

Library and Literacy Themes

Inspire every child to explore the magic of reading with library and literacy Wall Art by Promote Your School.


Our bespoke Wall Art will help you create engaging Outdoor spaces for pupils that can be used all year round.


Create an atmosphere of excellence, energy and excitement with school Sports Wall Art.


Help every child understand why maths is important with engaging visual Wall Art.


Inspire the next generation of innovators with Science themed Wall Art.

Values Displays

Share your vision, motto and guiding principles for pupils with Values Wall Art.

Stairwell Makeovers

Give your school’s stairwells a much needed boost with school Stairwell Wall Art.

Corridor Wraps

Breathe new life into your corridors with high quality, colour rich school Corridor Wraps.

Subject Zones

Improve way finding and celebrate your diverse school curriculum with dedicated school Subject Zones Wall Art.

Welcome Walls

Create a positive and memorable first impression of your School with school Welcome Wall Art.

Canteen Revamps

Encourage healthy habits and make the most of mealtimes with Canteen Wall Art.

Teaching Rooms

Create an inspiring and visual learning environment with Classroom Wall Art.



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