How (and why) to phase your Wall Art projects

BLOG 27 OCT 2022

Lee Chapel Literacy School wall art

Did you know it’s possible to phase your Wall Art projects?

Instead of a large, one off piece of work, it’s often helpful to split your Wall Art projects into multiple, smaller chunks.

There are many benefits to doing this. And, phasing can often help you secure funding for each project by tapping into individual funding grants. So you may not need to draw on your existing school improvement budget to fulfil your Wall Art project.

Here’s the lowdown on how, and why, to phase your Wall Art projects.

Individual grants per project

There’s a plethora of funding options available to schools. Many of the grants focus on a single subject or improvement area of a school.

For example, grants are available for encouraging an interest in STEM learning and classical subjects. There are also funding options for creative pursuits, sport and innovation. The government continues to award funding that covers a range of school improvement areas.

If you consider your school improvement goals, they may cover all of these areas. So you might be tempted to try and achieve a ‘catch all’ by combining all your goals into one Wall Art project.

Instead, you might want to conider splitting your Wall Art projects into a series of smaller goals.

wellbeing wall art for schools

Typical goals for Wall Art

Every school has a unique aspiration when considering Wall Art for their learning environment.

For older buildings, the goal of Wall Art is often to modernise areas, whilst staying sympathetic to the original character. New builds benefit from a dash of personality and colour to bring them to life. Outdated areas might need a simple refresh, or a complete makeover.

Regardless of your school’s building credentials, we know that carefully chosen images and relevant content, in the right location, can transform any learning environment.

Typically, schools approach us because they’re keen to; raise aspirations, bolster learning outcomes, boost morale, improve wellbeing and enthuse their many stakeholders, from pupils and parents to Ofsted inspectors and governors.

But your goal may be something altogether different!

Whatever you want to achieve, we can tailor our design process to make sure you get the exact end result you have in mind.

luton primary local map wall art

How to phase your Wall Art projects

Start with your most pressing need or goal at the moment. Then, think about the available space within your school and which would benefit most from a visual transformation.

It could be as simple as a single wall. Or you could focus on a corridor in a particular part of your school. Remember we can transform any space in your school. So consider high footfall areas where your Wall Art will be noticed. This might include stairwells, corridors, halls, playground wall art, other outdoor areas and even your school canteen!

If you’re keen to transform multiple floors or areas, just focus on one at a time.

Our process

With over twenty years’ experience in education and design, we’ve helped thousands of schools achieve their goals through Wall Art.

  1. To begin, we’ll set up a consultation with you and any team members who need to be involved (in person or remotely).
  2. During this session, we’ll ask about your goals, current pain points, needs and preferences for improving your school buildings.
  3. If budget is a challenge, we can suggest funding routes you can explore to secure a grant that will pay some, or all, of the project costs.
  4. Once your funding is secured, we’ll help you prioritise your list of goals and decide on a first phase for your Wall Art project.
  5. From there, we’ll do all the work to design, print and install your Wall Art project.
  6. We’ll encourage you to get feedback about your Wall Art from pupils and staff, then use this to help you prioritise any future phases.
  7. Once you’re ready, we can begin the next phase using the same process.
  8. It’s our job to make sure the process is smooth, efficient and hassle-free for you!

Lee chapel underwater wall art

Examples of phased Wall Art projects

We’re lucky to work with a number of schools who have phased their Wall Art projects over the years.

It’s certainly been rewarding to watch their learning environments come to life incrementally, with each installation.

Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School presents a super example of Wall Art phasing in action;

PYS Cardinal Wiseman English Wall Art

Wall Art for your school

Get in touch to arrange a free consultation to find out about Wall art for your school.

And don’t forget to check out our case studies page for inspiration on your Wall Art project!



School Library Fund

School Library Improvement Fund

The School Library Improvement Fund is available to state funded Nurseries, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools in Scotland.

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