World Theatre Day 27th March 2023

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World Theatre Day Wall Art showing popular shows

27th March 2023 is World Theatre Day.

World Theatre Day was initiated by the International Theatre Institute in 1962 and is a chance to celebrate the life-changing impact of theatre and the performing arts on people around the world.

At Promote Your School, we believe that the arts are a critical aspect of whole child education. The arts are also proven to improve wellbeing and learning outcomes.  “An arts education enriches and complements the core subjects, raising achievement rates across all subjects as well as improving wellbeing and enriching the school day.”Arts Award

We’re delighted that many schools are investing in their arts and performance spaces to create positive, inclusive environments for self-expression. Specifically, many schools have requested Theatre inspired Wall Art by Promote Your School to set the scene and encourage pupils to take part in arts based endeavours.

To celebrate World Theatre Day, we’re showcasing some of our favourite Theatre inspired Wall Art projects…

Chailey School Drama Department

World Theatre Day Roald Dahl's Matilda image

We designed drama Wall Art for Chailey School in Lewes.

This drama Wall Art mural is a celebration of theatrical and cinematic masterpieces. From Bugsy Malone to Matilda, we’ve featured some of the greats!

Pupils can wander alongside images and quotes from famous shows. So they’ll enter the drama department in the right mindset for self expression.

Lee Chapel Primary School Theatre

World Theatre Day Designs featuring shows against theatre curtain backdrop

It’s Lights, Camera, Action with this stunning Theatre Wall Art design! We created a beautiful red curtain backdrop for an authentic theatre feel.

Then we featured some quotes and flyers from popular theatre shows from throughout the years.

Pupils at Lee Chapel Primary School will enter their school theatre in the right mindset to perform!

Ash Manor School

Participating in the arts can enable people to deal with a wide range of mental ill-health conditions and psychological distress. The best part is that it helps people to improve their mental health through creativity.” – Mental Health Foundation.

Pupils at Ash Manor School are greeted by a stunning visual design when they arrive at the school theatre. Whatever stresses or worries they may have, they’ll enjoy a sense of escapism when they enter this beautiful space for self-expression.

We’re delighted that the school has invested in Theatre Wall Art murals. This is sure to inspire an active interest and participation in their range of performing arts on offer.

Churchfields Junior School

World Theatre Day is the perfect time to reflect on the wide array of activities a child can perform in a theatre.

Dance, music, acting, poetry, singing – these are all beautiful and creative mediums for self-expression.

We showcased this rich array of performing arts in a Wall Art design for Churchfields Junior School. The bright purple and pink backdrop certainly creates a striking atmosphere for this large hall.

Fairfields Primary School

Our Wall Art has pride of place in the performing arts area at Fairfields Primary School.

The performing arts area provides inspiration and interest for pupils at this fantastic school.

We were keen to create an atmosphere of movement and dynamism within our Wall Art murals design. And bold colours and a vibrant design have brought the area to life!

Wall Art for your school

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts” – From As you like it by William Shakespeare.

Get in touch to find out about Theatre inspired Wall Art for your school.

Our service includes design, print and installation. We also have an extensive portfolio of case studies to inspire you on your next project…








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Celebrate World Theatre Day… every day

27th March is World Theatre Day Initiated back in 1962 by the International Theatre Institute, World Theatre Day is a chance to celebrate the life-changing impact of theatre on people around the world.

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