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BLOG 17 DEC 2023

Burwell village history timeline wall art

What a year 2023 has been here at Promote Your School! Busy, insightful and, as always, inspiring.

This year we are proud to have worked with so many schools across the UK to create their vision of a more immersive school environment that truly adds value for students, staff and parents.

Having created many thousands of Wall Art designs in 2023, as we stride into 2024 we are taking time to look at what has been popular in Wall Art design over the last year, and what we feel will continue to grow and develop in the next.

Reflecting over the past year literacy, environmental awareness, wellbeing and Wall Art for theatre walls continued to prove popular. In addition to this, the demand for timelines and Wall Art containing maps, values and mental health messages remained as strong as ever. We also saw an increase in walls focusing on the creative arts, especially music which reasserted the truly multifaceted nature of educational aesthetics!

Looking Forward – Wall Art Design Trends For 2024

Below are some concepts we feel will continue to develop, alongside these firm favourites, over the next year.

Cross-Curricular Wall Art

We start with Wall Art designs that help to support students in understanding curriculum intentions and how this links to learning alongside forging cross-curricular awareness. School Wall Art can enable schools to showcase curriculum intent whilst visually making links in an explicit and absorbing manner that underpins classroom learning.

Visually captivating curriculum-based walls with vibrant and informative messaging can serve as a compass to guide students through the intentions of the curriculum. In addition to this, these visual narratives extend a welcoming and positive hand to prospective and current parents, offering them an insight into their child’s educational journey.

By visually communicating curriculum patterns and underpinning knowledge, Wall Art can assist in sparking discussions, fostering curiosity and engaging the school community in conversations surrounding the learning experience.

Selby high school curriculum school wall art

Real-Life learning

Following on from Wall Art designs that bring cross-curricular links to life, designs that focus on real-life applications and contexts of the knowledge that pupils are learning in their lessons are ever-growing in popularity.

Wall Art designs can be used as a tool to contextualise learning beyond the classroom. Visual aids can help students to explore how subject matters, themes or concepts can be applied in the real world. Rather than a focus on maths formulas, for example, exploring how Maths is used in computer game programming, sports or music can help students see the relevance and possible real applications of their learning to inspire them to learn more.

Torquay academy maths wall art

Tailoring Careers and Future Pathways

Continuing a similar theme, we are seeing more requests that focus on students’ aspirations, and possible career choices. For both Primary and younger Secondary school students, designs that showcase career options can ignite imagination and forge an environment that sparks conversations and intrigue. Wall Art designs provides a dynamic canvas to breathe life into various career possibilities. We are seeing more and more requests for designs that showcase less obvious careers and instead include careers more suited to current students’ generation.

Later in the pupil’s school career, Wall Art which presents specific pathways after the sixth form can support pupils with their future choices and in having high aspirations.

The highfield stem wall art

Promoting Sport & Healthy Lifestyles

Already a popular theme, but we believe that the realm of Sports Wall Art will soar in 2024. Inspired by the success of teams like the Lionesses and the upcoming Euro 2024 and Paris Olympics, we expect this to fuel a surge in interest. Typically, Sports Wall Art aims to promote healthy lifestyles while also instilling sporting values and excellence. Designs that feature inspirational role models and the pathways and dedication it took for them to reach the pinnacle of their sport can also prove very motivating for young people.

school sports facilities

An Exciting Look To The Year Ahead

As Promote Your School anticipates and navigates these trends, our commitment remains unwavering. We are always seeking to elevate educational spaces through captivating and informative Wall Art. Our designs transcend far more than just aesthetics, they harness the power of visual storytelling to educate, inspire and add value to the young minds of tomorrow.

As we move into 2024, please do join us on this journey. If you are seeking a refresh or some inspiration for your school environment, then please do get in touch. Our knowledgeable team have decades of experience in working closely with schools to maximise their educational spaces and deliver a product that the entire school community can be proud of.

As we sign off on our School Wall Art Trends For 2024 feel free to look back on some of our predictions from the past!

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