Wall Art: a Covid-safe solution for classroom displays?

BLOG 01 NOV 2020

Lee Chapel Literacy School wall art

Is Wall Art a Covid-safe solution for classroom displays?

Recently, many schools have told us that they’ve been forced to remove their classroom displays. Because, according to government guidelines for educational settings, many traditional displays and materials are not deemed ‘Covid-safe‘.

This can be very frustrating for teachers who have spent time creating the perfect posters and pictures to place on their walls. More importantly, it leaves school walls devoid of any learning materials or pieces of visual interest.

So, what’s the solution? Here we’ll explore whether Wall Art could be a viable option for Covid-safe school displays.

Easy to clean

One of the biggest benefits of using Wall Art for your classroom displays is that it’s very easy to clean. Wall Art is printed on industrial grade, premium materials. So, not only is it designed to last many years, it’s also wipe clean.

Simply wipe down your Wall Art with warm, soapy water and it’ll be ready for your next lesson or school day.

Chertsey wall art for secondary schools

Immersive over interactive

Another of the guidelines for keeping your classroom displays Covid-safe suggests you avoid using materials that are too interactive. While this may be disappointing for many teachers, the good news is that there is a viable alternative.

Instead of being ‘interactive‘, you can use Wall Art to make your displays ‘immersive‘.

This means that students will engage with your Wall Art, reflect on it, discuss it and appreciate it. But they won’t need to touch it and expose their hands to germs. That’s a big Covid-safe tick for you!

hazelwood wall art corridor

A sustainable investment

A big difference between traditional displays and Wall Art is that the latter is a long-term investment.

Unlike posters, display boards and paper signs, Wall Art won’t fade, tear or fall off the wall. If you think about the cost of replacing and updating displays and poster boards, it soon starts to add up. Wall Art may feel like a more significant cost in the short-term, when compared with using blu-tack and a piece of paper, but it’s a long-term investment. So it’ll last years without needing to be replaced or restored.

In fact, often when we revisit clients to install further Wall Art pieces, we note that their existing Wall Art looks as good as it did when we installed it!

Burnt Mill Academy English Subject wall art

Inspire learning

Our students have had a rough ride this year, haven’t they?

We know that pupils have had very different experiences at home during lockdown and the holidays. Some may have been exposed to turbulent home environments or limited learning opportunities. Now they’ve returned to school and have restricted freedom, limited social interaction and increased levels of anxiety and pressure.

You may be looking for new ways to inspire and motivate your pupils to focus on their learning. Or, perhaps you want to lift their spirits and create a really positive learning environment, despite the Covid restrictions. Whatever your goals, bespoke Wall Art is a proven and powerful way to achieve them.

And there’s no reason that you can’t use Wall Art to complement existing Covid-safe displays. For example, you may choose to adorn one of your classroom walls with Wall Art focused on your curriculum, motivational quotes or beautiful imagery. And designate another wall for a large (Covid-safe) poster board or laminated, wipe clean wall signs.

With Wall Art, it need not be all or nothing. You can start small and cover a few classrooms or hallways with Wall Art. There’s no need to undertake a large scale, budget-busting project.

Find out more

If you would like to learn more about Wall Art for schools, get in touch! We’ll visit your school, free of charge, to discuss your goals and assess your available space. Then we’ll put together a bespoke quote based on your requirements and budget. There’s no work for you – we’ll manage the entire process from design through to installation.

View our Case Studies to see more examples of our work or browse our online Ideas Book for inspiration on your next project!



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