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BLOG 22 MAY 2023

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Visual displays for schools can support a range of objectives.

There are many types of visual displays for schools and most are suitable for any space, inside and outside your school.

In this blog, we’ll explore various types of visual displays for schools and discuss the benefits of each.

Inspire learning

Classrooms, corridors and stairwells all provide the perfect wall spaces for visual Wall Art.

Wall Art can serve as a learning aid to complement your lessons and get pupils in the right mindset for learning.

It can also be tailored to your curriculum and support your Ofsted inspection by raising aspirations in a particular subject area. You might wish to focus on a particular subject with a feature or timeline, or combine multiple subjects to show the breadth and balance of your curriculum.

Large visual displays facilitate active learning because they allow pupils to walk alongside key information. Use striking images and bold text, against a colourful backdrop, to engage all types of learners.

This is certainly a powerful resource to make learning fun and interesting for all pupils!

Selby high school history timeline wall art Visual displays for schools

Raise morale and improve wellbeing

If your school is serious about improving wellbeing, an inspiring visual display can help.

First, select a communal area like your reception or hall, or a heavy footfall area like a corridor or stairwell.

Then, consider whether you want to improve wellbeing through;

We know that teachers spend a great deal of time supporting pupils’ wellbeing. Mental, emotional and behavioural challenges often detract from teaching time and affect the success of lessons.

Wellbeing inspired visual displays can support teachers’ efforts to create a calm and positive learning environment. These visual prompts can also reduce the amount of time teachers spend managing behavioural and emotional challenges in the classroom.

Visual displays for schools

Make a great first impression

Prospective parents, pupils and teachers will be wowed by a visually appealing learning environment. Visual displays can also help you impress visitors at open days, events and Ofsted inspections.

They can even support recruitment and staff retention by showing, at a glance, what makes your school a wonderful place to work.

Investing in your visual environment sends a powerful message that you genuinely value the wellbeing of your staff and pupils.

Worth the investment?

The big question with visual displays is whether to opt for temporary or permanent fixtures…

Of course temporary displays may cost less upfront. But they usually require a great deal of maintenance, or need to be replaced regularly. So they might not have the staying power of a more permanent, premium display.

You’ll want any visual displays to look their best. Worn or tatty temporary displays will be memorable for all the wrong reasons! So it’s worth investing in durable, long-lasting displays for your school.

They’re a more sustainable option too, as they’ll last many years and require zero upkeep. Once again – this means less work for teachers.

Visual displays for schools

Wow factor for your walls

Contact us to find out more about our bespoke visual Wall Art for schools.

To get started, we’ll visit your school, free of charge, for a no obligation consultation.

Then we’ll guide you through the design process before we print and install your new Wall Art.

Wow factor is guaranteed!

School Improvement


school values wall art

Unique ways to communicate your school values

We’ve noticed something refreshingly unique in the way schools interpret and communicate their school values. Every school has its own identity and ethos, and your values reflect this in different ways. Here are some ideas of how to communicate your values in unique, meaningful and memorable ways.

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