Curriculum Wall Art for your school

PYS Lee Chapel Hall Curriculum wall

Curriculum Wall Art reinforces to pupils the very reason they’re at school.

When schools request Curriculum Wall Art, their main objective is clear. They’re keen to remind pupils that the school invests in their learning with a rich and balanced curriculum.

This is a powerful way to inspire pupils to engage with their studies. And it can encourage them to apply themselves in the subjects that will help facilitate a career beyond school.

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Curriculum Wall Art for Ofsted

When an Ofsted inspector walks around your school, you’ll no doubt tell them about the breadth and balance of your curriculum.

But, imagine if your school’s walls could do this for you?

Curriculum Wall Art can tell an Ofsted inspector all about your curriculum, at a glance. They’ll be able to see, immediately, what you offer and why your curriculum matters. This can make a positive first impression and add credibility to your school’s provision.

Your learning environment is a big factor that contributes to your Ofsted rating. So, make it count!

Colne curriculum wall art

Inspire pupils to want to learn

How do you get pupils in the right mindset for learning? Start by showing them the potential of what they can learn.

If a child can see value in what they’re doing, they’re more likely to apply themselves. And, it’s even better if they get a sense of the opportunities that lie within each subject…

Sound familiar?

What if you could transform these statements into moments of wonder?

By giving pupils a visual cue to each subject that forms part of your curriculum, you can create a real thirst for knowledge. Whether it be Maths Wall Art, Science Wall Art or Wall Art for any other subject in the curriculum.

We know that many pupils are visual learners, so by including facts and figures, students can absorb relevant information too. In this way, Curriculum Wall Art can even serve as a learning aid.

Kettering sixth form wall art

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