Types of Timeline Wall Art for your School

Priory fields history timeline wall art

There are various types of Timeline Wall Art to consider for your school.

The types of Timeline Wall Art that are right for your school depend on your goals.

Whatever your goal, Timeline Wall Art is a wonderful visual resource to help you achieve it.

Here are the various types to consider;

History timelines

History timelines are our most popular and heavily requested type of Timeline Wall Art.

So, what is a history timeline?

It’s a stunning, larger than life visual walk-through of key events and milestones from throughout various historical ages. Most schools start right at the beginning of recorded time through to the present day.

So pupils can actually walk alongside the people, places, dates and events that have characterised their past.

A visual guide to chronology

We know that understanding chronology is a vital part of the curriculum. So we’re always delighted when schools tell us that their history timelines help students develop a deeper understanding of chronology.

For example, pupils can see how various historical periods fit together, and where there is overlap.

They can also see how various events have shaped the course of history. This is certainly a powerful way to teach chronology, whilst keeping pupils active, engaged and focused.

Plumberow timeline wall art

Diversity and inclusion

Over the past few years, we’ve also seen an increased demand for diversity timelines. A diversity timeline shows how far we’ve come in the diversity and inclusion space. And, it’s also a motivator to pupils to continue striving for equality and fairness for everyone.

Recently, we designed this beautiful diversity and inclusion timeline for Fullbrook School (image below). It’s certainly a powerful visual guide to the people and events that have shaped human rights through the years.

A diversity timeline can create a sense of belonging for pupils and inspire kindness and inclusion within your school community.

We’re confident that diversity and inclusion designs will continue to be one of our most popular types of Timeline Wall Art for schools.

Fullbrook school inclusive timeline wall art

Curriculum subjects

Science, Literacy and Technology are all popular subjects that schools feature in their timelines.

You can turn to your curriculum to choose which subject to focus on in your designs. Or, we can create a mixed subject timeline if you’re having trouble choosing just one!

Teachers tell us that our visual Wall Art really helps pupils absorb and remember information about each subject. So they’re enthused and engaged in learning, without even realising they’re doing it.

Because our designs are bespoke, we can tailor them to your school’s branding and colours for a stunning effect. This provides a sense of cohesion across your school and presents a familiar look and feel for pupils.

If you’re keen to focus on a particular subject to raise attainment rates, Timeline Wall Art is a winner.

Edison School Science timeline inspiring corridor Wall Art

Your school

Your school’s heritage is a huge part of your DNA. It has laid the foundation for your teaching approaches, values and ethos. So it’s something worth shouting about!

It’s no surprise, then, that many schools request timeline designs that show their own evolution.

For example, we designed this beautiful timeline for Summer Fields School in Oxford. It shows the school’s evolution since their inception in 1864, through a rich history to present day.

Pupils, teachers and visitors to the school can reflect on its incredible story. This creates a sense of pride and belonging to all who are part of the school.

Other schools have taken a similar approach with a timeline of their local area – it’s the bespoke nature of our designs that makes this possible.

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