Reasons to invest in your learning environment

BLOG 20 APR 2023

reasons to invest in your learning environment

There are many reasons to invest in your learning environment. But competing priorities may make you question if now is the right time.

Here we’ll detail a few reasons why now is the perfect time to invest in your learning environment. And we’ll explain how to allocate your improvement budget in areas that will deliver the best return.

“Research undertaken by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in 2014 found that 80% of schools are operating beyond their life cycle – suggesting that the majority of our schools are unable to provide effective learning environments as they are simply past their best.” (School learning environments)

The visual learning environment

Your school is the home of future leaders. Future CEOs, scientists, thespians, sportspeople, firefighters, teachers and parents all walk your hallways daily. You’re giving them the best start in life with a well rounded education, outstanding teachers and a diverse curriculum.

If you invest in your learning environment, you can also play a big part in inspiring future leaders. A positive, visually appealing school can raise aspirations and get pupils in the right mindset for learning. It can nuture their creativity and wellbeing too.

A survey by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers in 2010 found that 96% believe a school’s learning environment has an influence on pupils’ behaviour.” (School learning environments)

“Students who study in a positive learning environment have been shown to be more motivated, engaged and have a higher overall learning ability.” (UCAS 2019).

St Michaels Grammar School history timeline invest in your learning environment

Long-term investment

You may be tempted to go with low cost options for school improvement. But, what saves you money in the short-term could you cost you more over time.

For example;

Look outside your budget

Are you keen to invest in your learning environment but find that funds are limited or difficult to access? Consider alternative funding options outside your school budget.

Visit our Resources page to understand the grants and funding options that are available for various school improvement projects, and how to apply.

Many schools have successfully secured funding for their improvement projects through crowd-funding, events and hiring out of halls and playing fields.

Teachers continue to find innovative ways to fund their projects. And we’re always available to help schools assess what funding options might be available to them.

Phoenix bay school library wall art invest in your learning environment

Wall Art for schools

Take a walk around your school and reflect on any areas that are dull, worn or unappealing. They may offer blank wall space that could be used to inspire learning, create a sense of belonging or raise morale.

This includes;

Now consider how visual Wall Art could transform these areas and create beautiful learning spaces.

Dersingham wellbeing wall art invest in your learning environment

Stairwell Wall Art

Many schools don’t realise that their stairwells can help them achieve their improvement goals, in a cost effective way.

You may think, “but my stairwells are unsightly!”, “it’ll be a huge project” or “stairwells are purely functional”.

But you can use your stairwells in a myriad of ways, starting with a single feature wall.

Stairwells are a high footfall area of your school, used multiple times every day. So, why not use them to inspire learning, improve wellbeing or spark curiosity?

Some schools use their stairwell walls to impart knowledge or show the breadth and balance of their curriculum. While others use them to create immersive learning spaces, with an air of escapism.

British values school wall art invest in your learning environment

Corridors and classrooms

School corridors tend to offer lots of continuous white wall space…perfect as a blank canvas for Wall Art!

You can add any type of design to your corridors, from a large world map to a subject timeline or feature wall.

Inspirational leaders, uplifting quotes and local landmarks work well too. Think about what you’d like to achieve – learning, wellbeing or morale – and then we’ll help you decide what sort of design to opt for.

The same principle applies to your classroom walls. Instead of tatty, temporary displays, invest in durable, long-term Wall Art. It will ignite curiosity and engage pupils in learning.

St John and St James welcome wall art invest in your learning environment

Communal areas and outdoors

A bold, branded design on your reception area wall can boost your brand image and make a positive first impression of your school.

While your school hall can inspire pupils to harness their creativity or engage in physical activity and games.

Use your outdoor walls, fences and gates to create a positive impression of your school to passers-by, before they’ve even entered the building.

Want to know more?

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Our service includes design, print and installation.


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