Here you’ll find a collection of useful education resources to support learning, pupil wellbeing and school improvement. At Promote Your School, we design Wall Art for schools, colleges and universities across the UK and beyond.

Coronavirus Resources

There is a wealth of resources available to support home learning and teaching children of key-workers and vulnerable children. We’ve selected these recommended education resources to support teachers during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is particularly important as pupils transition to new ways of learning, both remotely and in the classroom.


 Manuela Molina, creator of of, has put together a lovely interactive story for children to help them understand the virus and express any concerns.
Bett Community Hub
The Bett Show, the UK's leading Education Technology Show, have put together the Bett Community Hub to support schools and teachers through this new world of remote teaching and learning.
Pearson have a range of online learning resources for people who are studying, teaching or working remotely.
Google Teach from Home Hub
Google has created new distance learning resources, which are designed for families and schools.
Nip in the Bud
Nip in the Bud have created some resources for parents and teachers as children return to school to support mental health and well-being. They also run courses on mental health for teachers and schools.

School Funding

More than ever, schools and academies need to be innovative and imaginative in generating their own additional incomes to supplement budgets. With this in mind we have compiled a list of possible income generation and funding sources that can help you fund a school Wall Art project, or any other project you are considering.

The Priority School Building Programme
Funding available to make sure schools are high quality and positive environments.
Condition Improvement Fund
Information for academies, sixth-form colleges and non-diocesan Voluntary Aided (VA) schools about the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF).
Capital Allocations
Funding to help maintain and improve the condition of school buildings and grounds.
Funding for school buildings and land
Find out more about Capital funding, Condition Improvement Funds, Priority School Building Programme and Early Years Capital Fund.
Education and Skills Funding Agency
The Education and Skills Funding Agency have a range of information and grants that you can access to support your work in schools.
School Funding Service
School Funding Service work with School Business Managers, Head Teachers and support staff to show you how to win funding.
Grants for Schools (buildings)
Review case studies of schools that have successfully applied for funding to learn more about what you could apply for to fund a Wall Art project.
Fund Ed Magazine
Fund Ed magazine is full of great ideas on what grants are currently available and how to access them.
Community Fund
This article looks at the support and funding available to communities.
Sport England
This article shares the latest Coronovirus information and support available.
Funding excellent organisations and outstanding projects to improve the civic health of society.
Princess Trust
If you're looking for support from other organisations, below you can find funding options from across the UK.
Funding Grants
This website is designed and constructed to help assist primary schools to receive funds and is also totally free.
Go Fund Me
Fundraising for the people and charities you care about.
This website is the home of school fundraising options available.
PTA Fundraising
A one-stop resource for PTAs to innovate fundraising programs, improve school and PTA operations, and enhance the well-being of students.
Easy Fundraising
Easyfundraising® is the UK’s biggest charity shopping fundraising site.
The Giving Machine
This website shows you how to raise a FREE donation when you shop online.
Just Giving
This website shows you how you can make a difference together. Raise money or make a donation. 0% platform fees.

Sources of Income

Schools are needing to run much more like businesses these days in so many ways and generating income is one of these ways. Budgets alone are not enough so using your school building, facilities and other offerings to raise more money is essential. Letting school halls, sports facilities, playgrounds and charging for the use of your car park on evenings and weekends are all popular ways to do this and can help fund Wall Art, which in turn will make your building more ‘sellable’ as a letting option to potential users.

How schools can generate their own income
This article looks at generate income by opening your doors to the community.
This article sets out ways to generate extra money using a school's existing resources and links to further information on these approaches.
Edu Spot
This article reveals 10 ways for your school to make extra income.
Read more to discover 5 Quick Ways To Increase Your School’s Revenue.
This article is all about highlighting smart ways to raise school revenue.
UHY Chartered Accountants
How can your academy school generate additional income?
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