Nature Wall Art at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

BLOG 28 SEP 2021

Our nature Wall Art was featured at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021!

We created nature Wall Art to support Putney High School’s biophilic design study. The study has continued over the past three years. And the results have been fantastic.

In fact, Putney High School have won GOLD at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show for their research and stand. Read on to find out how we supported them and learn more about Biophilic Design.

What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic design is a principle used primarily in architecture and building construction. It’s the practice of designing and building spaces in a way that connects the occupants to nature, directly and indirectly.

For example, a building can be designed in a way that allows more light, natural beauty and air into the space. In fact, many modern buildings incorporate gardens and encourage inhabitants to add plants and greenery to their living and working environments.

The mental health charity Mind also says that spending time in nature is proven to improve wellbeing.

Putney High School

For the past three years, Putney High School, part of the GDST, has been investigating the concept of Biophilic Design.

With this in mind, they transformed a classroom within the school. They introduced a set of indoor plants and natural design features. Promote Your School worked with Matthew Cattel Photography to create nature Wall Art for the classroom.

Nineteen plants, chosen for their air cleaning ability, were installed in the Maths classroom. The school used guidance established by NASA in 1989 and ‘How to grow Fresh Air’ (Wolverton, 2008)

Matthew Cattel took some photographs of a beautiful bluebell wood. He then provided the images to the team at Promote Your School. Our in-house team designs Wall Art for schools around the world. So they designed up the image, then worked with selected printers to print it in extra large format.

Finally, we installed the mural in the classroom at Putney High School.

Impact of the study

The biophilic maths classroom improved air quality and comfort by an average of 10% and maximum of 38% improvement. And average relative humidity was found to be 3-8% higher in the biophilic Maths classroom.
96% of students at Putney High School expressed positive attitudes towards the new design of the classroom. While 78% of pupils expressed that they ‘felt healthier’.
Teachers also said that they love teaching in classroom featuring nature Wall Art!

Putney wins Gold at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

We’re delighted that Putney High School won GOLD at the Chelsea Flower Show. Teachers and pupils have certainly worked hard to bring this study to life.
And the project shows the power of collaboration!
For example, various people and companies have come together to support the study. And Promote Your School is thrilled to be involved. We had a fantastic day visiting Chelsea and seeing Putney High School’s stand.

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