How school murals can benefit your school

BLOG 15 JUN 2020

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School murals can totally transform the interior and exterior of your school.

A well designed school mural can connect with students and staff in a way that no other channel can. Perhaps it’s because of the carefully chosen images, bold colours and timelessly tailored text. Or, maybe it’s down to the quality of design, premium materials and perfectly placed messaging. It could even be the sheer size and scale of school murals that delights everyone who sees them.

Whatever the reason, school murals remain a very popular choice for schools who have a message to share!

Why bespoke is best

No two schools are exactly the same. All education settings have similarities in terms of their curriculum, character education framework and compliance requirements. But what we’ve noticed, having worked with hundreds of schools, is that every school is unique in the way they interpret and deliver these standard practices.

School murals provide a wonderful platform to reinforce your school values, ethos and aspirational vision. They can echo your leadership and teaching styles, which tend to vary greatly from one school to the next. Murals can also celebrate your unique mix of extra-curricular activities. For example; you might showcase your charity work, creative communities and volunteering opportunities. Or perhaps you’ll choose to focus more on mental health, pupil wellbeing and inclusivity as key attributes.

At Promote Your School, we work closely with each school to understand their objectives and goals. Then, we create designs that achieve their specific objectives. It’s a highly consultative process and we give guidance, advice and support throughout. This means each school is able to share their vision and have input into the final product, rather than relying on a ready made, off-the-shelf design.

Here we’ll explore how a well designed school mural can benefit your school.

Holy Trinity School branding for welcome walls wall art

1. Celebrate diversity and inclusivity

One of the best ways to show pupils that they are part of a caring, diverse and inclusive community is through a bespoke school mural.

We all know that, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So, instead of telling students and staff that your school is a place for everyone to enjoy together, regardless of their background or beliefs, why not show them? Using images that incorporate children of all ethnicities, abilities, genders and appearances will normalise all children.

This will encourage pupils to express themselves more freely without fear of judgement. It can also inspire unity and acceptance as these images will become ingrained in students’ minds as they see them every day when they arrive at school, walk between lessons or enjoy lunchtimes together.

2. Reinforce your school values

School murals present the perfect canvas for sharing your school values. Many schools request bespoke ‘Values Boards‘ for their school walls. This is a type of school mural that includes the school’s values and ethos, often alongside their branding and logo. It works well in your school reception area or shared spaces like the school hall, school office, classroom or break out areas.

When designing a school mural to reinforce a school’s values, we tend to choose images that complement the message. For example; trees to signify growth and learning, photos of pupils to signify unity and togetherness or stars and sunshine to refer to success, positivity and aspiration.

Hertford St Andrew Primary School values Wall Art

3. Improve pupil wellbeing

Schools have a responsibility to take measurable steps that focus on and improve pupil wellbeing. An astounding 1 in 5 children will have suffered from some form of depression by the age of 18. And teachers spend a large majority of time with pupils, in some cases even more so than their parents. So they are well placed to be able to spot the signs of depression or notice any changes in a child’s behaviour over time.

School murals can create a calm, peaceful and positive atmosphere for pupils. Being exposed to images of nature is proven to have an impact on mental health. So, by featuring trees, flowers, wildlife and landscapes within a school mural, you can improve your pupils’ wellbeing too.

putney high wall art for indpendent schools

4. Inspire learning

A school mural can have academic benefits too. Some schools feature specific subjects within their designs. A History timeline, Science Wall Art or Literacy themed design can help students familiarise themselves with key facts and faces that form part of your curriculum. And, because they’ll see your subject themed school mural every day, the information will become more memorable too. In this way, a school mural can actually act as a learning aid for your students!

Our rich designs, beautiful imagery and powerful messaging result in a school mural that students cannot possibly ignore. This is a great way to garner excitement and interest in subjects. And it can fuel conversation and debate that can continue in the classroom.

woodford county physics feature wall

If you’d like to find out more about school murals and how they can benefit your school, do get in touch!

We offer a free consultation, either at your school or remotely. In this session, we’ll discuss your objectives, assess the available space and make recommendations on how to achieve your aims through bespoke school murals!




school values wall art

Unique ways to communicate your school values

We’ve noticed something refreshingly unique in the way schools interpret and communicate their school values. Every school has its own identity and ethos, and your values reflect this in different ways. Here are some ideas of how to communicate your values in unique, meaningful and memorable ways.

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